Collect and archive events logs and W3C logs from all Windows systems of the network in a centralized database to support specific auditing, long term reporting for Compliance and efficient log management for the entire network.

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Event Log Collection & Archiving

Lepide Event Log Manager offers agent and non-agent based events log archiving option for all network computers. You can define different event-collection rules for different computers in the network to collect only the required logs and thus use the storage resource efficiently. Absence of prudent event log monitoring and management system can lead to these inefficiencies:

Unavailability of old but crucial events logs, as old event logs are replaced by new ones due to short event log retention period of native event log management console.

Administrator needs to visit each system in the network and view the logs generated therein.

Lepide Event Log Manager lets you archive and manage you events log centrally with a number of benefits such as

  • Central Repository for Network-Wide Events Centralized event log archiving allows viewing events of a group of computers together that come under the ambit of a particular auditing policy.
  • Audit specific event logs on group computers
    • Group computers in your network as per different audit policy that they need to cater to.
    • Specify logs that you want collect for a particular computer or a group of computers to support required audit policy.
    • Option to include or exclude computer groups from event collection process for impending audit.
  • Filtering Windows Event Logs Collection
    • Filter only the required events log and store it locally. Events log stored on individual computers can then be removed.
    • Option to include/exclude systems from events data collection means you can totally ignore computers whose events log need not be analyzed.
    • Optional Agent-based collection to make efficient use of network connections.
    • Set data collection interval to suit your requirement and relieve network from congestion.

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Damir Dizdarevic Microsoft MVP

Lepide company, relatively unknown in our local market, is offering a very solid solution for centralized event log management. It is definitely the software that needs.

Anand Khanse Microsoft MVP

Lepide Event Log Manager (LELM) collects network-wide events and presents them in an easy way to make log comprehension and compliance settlement simpler.