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Lepide Account Lockout Examiner

Identify and troubleshoot Active Directory account lockout issues in real time with our freeware Account Lockout Examiner Tool.

Thousands of companies all over the world trust Lepide to help prevent data breaches.

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Active Directory Account Lockout Examiner Tool

For many organizations, understanding as and when Active Directory user accounts are locked out is critical in ensuring individuals continuously have access to the resources they need as well as making sure that all business-critical processes are running with minimal operational downtime. Lepide’s Account Lockout Examiner ensures you are able to easily identify when an account has been locked out but also examine which machine the account lockout has come from. With built in remote management tools to immediately unlock the account or reset the password it becomes easy to administer and maintain the status of user and service accounts in AD.

Detect Account Lockouts

Quickly scan your Active Directory environment and detect account lockouts in real time to help simplify and speed up response.

Scan & Review Endpoints

Scan and review endpoints for stored credentials that could indicate the cause of AD account lockout (system services, mapped drives, logon sessions and more).

Remotely Unlock Accounts

If you spot an Active Directory account that has been lockout out, and you want to reverse it, you can do so easily from within the tool.

Remotely Reset Passwords

If you want to change the password for one of your Active Directory accounts, you can do so easily from within the tool.

Free Forever

All of our award-winning freeware tools are provided completely free of charge forever.

Reduce the Time it Takes to Handle Account Lockout Issues in AD

Our free Account Lockout Examiner tool notifies IT administrators about AD account lockout issues. It helps to simplify and speed up investigations into the root cause of lockouts and provides the ability to unlock user accounts from within the tool itself.

  • Detect account lockouts in real time
  • Speed up investigation into the root cause
  • Quickly unlock accounts through an intuitive web console
  • Take the strain off your IT help desk
  • Demonstrate compliance with your AD lockout policy
  • Fulfill SLAs by identifying lockouts to service accounts
The Account Lockout Examiner tool from Lepide does exactly what it says on the tin. Find out when AD accounts are
lockout out, why it happened and reverse it – all from one dashboard. Love it.