Monitor Active Directory Changes

Native auditing simply isn’t powerful enough to meet the modern-day audit requirements of Active Directory. That’s why we created a free version of our award-winning Active Directory auditor tool. With LepideAuditor Freeware you can see the changes made to users, groups, group memberships, organizational units, permissions, and other objects. Once installed, it’s yours, for free, forever!


Installing, configuring and using LepideAuditor Freeware is very easy. You can track all changes made to Active Directory using the predefined report and intuitive radar tab.

Instant visibility

Our in-built dashboard consolidates audit data from Active Directory objects to get reliable audit logs. You can also quickly view audit changes 24 hours a day and easily identify any potential security risks.

Noise-free auditing environment

The solution collects raw logs and transforms them into meaningful, precise and actionable information about user activity, without any system noise.

Better than Native Auditing

Unlike native auditing, the Administrator are not required to delve deep into the unmanageable pool of event logs. Our tool shows only one single meaningful record for a single change that is easily notifiable.

“All Environment Changes” report gives information on all changes made to Active Directory Configuration.
Also, you get answers to the ‘when and where’ questions, essential for auditing.

An All Environment Changes report in the Active Directory Audit Freeware Edition

Compare Free Active Directory Software with Enterprise Version of LepideAuditor

Functionality LepideAuditor Freeware Edition LepideAuditor Enterprise Edition
Configuration changes in Group Policies
Before and after values for all changes
All Environment Changes Report
Multiple predefined audit reports
View All Differences
“When” and “Where” details of the events that are reported
“Who” and “What” details for each reported event
Customizable Radar Tabs
Run multiple instances of the solution
Compliance reports (HIPPA, PCI, FISMA, GLBA, SOX, and GDPR)
Available Report(s) can be saved in CSV, PDF MHT formats.
Report Scheduler to share the reports
Real-time alerts
Alerts sent as updates to LiveFeed, as email, or as push notifications to LepideAuditor App
Connectivity to LepideAuditor App (available for both Android and Apple platforms)
Backup and restore the state of Active Directory objects
Restore objects from tombstone state
Single-click Rollback of changes
Real-time HealthCheck Alerts
Active Directory Cleanup
User Password Expiration Reminders
Manage Account Lockouts
Long-term Storage of Audit Logs
Archive audit logs
Import data from archive
Secure Web-based Report console
Role-based Delegation to users to access Audit Reports
Console auditing
“It does what it says on the tin! No more questionable oopsies about who deleted or changed what
when you weren’t looking. A must have as part of your freeware collection.”

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