Discover, Classify and Tag Sensitive Data

Ensure you know where your most sensitive data resides in your file server and the level of risk it poses to your organization. Analyze why the data is sensitive and classify it accordingly.

On the Fly Classification

Classify files in real time as they are created, modified, renamed or moved

Discover Where Sensitive Data is

Ensure you know which files and folders contain potentially sensitive data.

Classify Your Sensitive Data

Effectively determine what data types are available by the content.

Tag Your Sensitive Data

Determine what type of content is contained within files and tag accordingly.

Categorize Sensitive Data Types

Group data into certain categories to help you easily sort for the most sensitive.

Analyze the Risk Posed by Data

Automatically score your data with a risk value to highlight areas of potential risk.

Discover Where Your Sensitive Data Resides and Why it is Sensitive
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Instant Insight Into Your Sensitive Data

Scan your content for PII, credit card numbers, dates of birth and more based on a pre-defined set of conditions.

Classify your data and automate both tagging and scoring to help you detect your most sensitive data fast.

Create rules to classify data based on an initial discovery process and then automatically at the point of creation for near real-time classification.

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If you’re interested in seeing where your cybersecurity strengths and weaknesses lie, then our professional risk assessment service may be for you.

Our engineers will do all the heavy lifting for you and generate a detailed report to show you where your biggest security threats are – all for free with no obligation!

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What Else Can LepideAuditor Do for You?
Permissions & Privileges

Determine who has access to what and whether access levels are appropriate.

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User & Entity Behavior

Track user interaction with your data/systems and identify anomalies.

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States & Changes

Get insight into environment states & changes that pose a risk to your data.

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