Data Discovery and Classification

Find out where your most sensitive data is across file shares and determine why it is sensitive through our discovery and classification functionality. Completely developed and supported in-house.

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Thousands of companies all over the world use LepideAuditor to help prevent data breaches.

Data Discovery and Classification Software

Ensure you know where your most sensitive data resides in your file server and the level of risk it poses to
your organization. Analyze why the data is sensitive and classify it accordingly.

On the Fly Data Classification

Classify files in real time as they are created, modified, renamed or moved to prevent the need for regular data classification scanning.

Compliance-Driven Data Discovery

Discover and identify the data in your organization that contains information related to compliance mandates.

Remove False Positives in Data Classification

Proximity scanning allows you to filter out false positives whilst scanning and classifying your sensitive data.

Tag Data During Classification

Determine what type of content is contained within files and what compliance mandates it relates to and tag the data accordingly.

Organize Your Data with Categorization

Group data into certain categories to help you easily report on data related to compliance mandates.

Sort and Analyze Data Based on Risk

Automatically score your data with a risk value to highlight the data that you should control access rights to.

Reap the Benefits of Data Discovery and Classification Tools

Scan your content for PII, PHI, credit card numbers, dates of birth and more based on a pre-defined set of conditions. Classify your data and automate both tagging and scoring to help you detect your most sensitive data fast. Create rules to classify data based on an initial discovery process and then automatically at the point of creation for near real-time data classification.

Want to Learn More About the Lepide Data Discovery and Classification Tool?

Learn more about how Lepide Data Discovery and Classification software helps organizations secure their data and meet compliance through detailed discovery, classification, tagging and risk analysis.

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Satisfy Current and New Compliance Demands

Ensure that you’re able to discover and classify data related to GDPR, HIPAA, CCPA and more, with new compliance regulations being included all the time.

Demonstrate Effective Data Security Controls

You’ll be able to demonstrate to auditors that you know exactly where your sensitive data is, who has access to it and when changes are made to it..

Quickly Spot Severe Data Potentially Breaches

Analyze how much sensitive data has been involved in a security breach incident so that you can quickly notify affected parties and take further steps..

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