Integrate Data Discovery and Classification with LepideAuditor

Our mission here at Lepide is to help organizations like yours get the visibility you need over your data to ensure you can take the correct steps to secure it. We help thousands of organizations understand user behaviour and interaction with their files and folders and gain more insight into who has access to their data. Now, utilizing an integration into Windows File Classification Infrastructure, we’re able to integrate discover and classification functionality into LepideAuditor.

Over 5,000 Organizations Use LepideAuditor to Protect Their Businesses Against Data Breaches
Discover, Classify, Score and Tag Your Most Sensitive Data
Using Technology You Already Own

Discover Where Your Most Sensitive Files and Folders Reside

Using the Classification Management section of File Server Resource Manager (FSRM), you can automatically uncover your most sensitive files and folders by scanning the content based on a range of pre-defined conditions. Identify data based on PII, credit card numbers, dates of birth, full names, addresses and much more. Identify which files and folders contain information relevant to compliance mandates such as PCI, GDPR, SOX, HIPAA and more.

Tag, Classify and Score Your Sensitive Data Based on Risk

FSRM allows you to set Classification Properties that enable you to classify your data and automate both tagging and scoring. This functionality will help you detect your most critical data fast and spot data that directly relates to specific business use cases. For example, under PCI compliance you will need to identify all files that could potentially contain credit card numbers and demonstrate you can easily report on where this data is as well as applying the relevant security policies to protect it.

Classify Files and Folders ‘On the Fly’

In the Classification Rules section of FSRM, you can create simple rules to classify data based on an initial discovery process and then automatically at the point of creation. Near real time classification of the data enables you to automatically organize it by relevant categories and makes it infinitely easier when you need to locate it for compliance purposes.

An Easier Way to Identify Where Specific Data Subject Information Resides

When editing a Classification Rule within FSRM, you can uncover where all information about a specific ‘data subject’ resides within your unstructured data using a simple ‘string value’ in the Classification Parameters configuration. This could help you to easily identify where all relative data resides across your unstructured data if under request by a data subject who is exercising their rights to be forgotten.

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