Analyze Environment States & Changes

Get instant insight into environment states & changes that potentially pose a risk to your data.

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Thousands of companies all over the world use LepideAuditor to help prevent data breaches.

Security States & Change Auditing Software

Monitor and report on all manner of environment states and changes, including system changes, stale users, group policy status, password policies, open shares and much more.

Track System Changes

Easily spot potentially damaging changes to systems surrounding your data.

Identify Stale Users/Data

Minimize your attack surface by identifying and addressing stales users/data.

Discover Group Policy States

Ensure that your group policy states aren’t creating over-privileged users.

Enforce Password Policies

Help to ensure passwords are regularly changed to improve password security.

Keep an Eye on Open Shares

Reduce potential security threats by identifying and addressing open shares.

Find Out if Your Environment Poses a Risk to Your Data

A fundamental step in any data-centric audit & protection strategy is to ensure you know whether the environment around your data is secure. For this, you’ll need a Data Security Platform, like LepideAuditor, that provides information on security states and changes being made to your critical systems.

Pre-Defined Reports and Real Time Alerts for Security States and Changes

Audit, monitor and alert on system changes across your IT environment that pose a risk to the security of your data.

Identify stale users/data that needs to be cleaned up in order to reduce the potential attack surface in your organization.

Identify which of your data is at risk by analyzing current open shares and the security principles behind them.

Need More Proof of LepideAuditor’s ROI?

If you’re interested in seeing where your cybersecurity strengths and weaknesses lie, then our professional risk assessment service may be for you.

Our engineers will do all the heavy lifting for you and generate a detailed report to show you where your biggest security threats are – all for free with no obligation!

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What Else Can LepideAuditor Do for You?
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User & Entity Behavior

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