Monitor Permissions and Access Levels

Ensure that the only employees able to access your most sensitive data are those that have a legitimate business requirement to do so. Anything more than that puts you at risk.

Discover Current Permissions

See who currently has access to your most sensitive data.

Investigate Historic Permissions

Generate a list of historical permission changes over time.

See Permission Changes

Spot changes in permissions that could lead to excessive access.

Spot Membership Changes

Help maintain appropriate access levels by spotting group membership changes.

Discover Excessive Permissions

Enforce a policy of least privilege by spotting excessive permissions.

Assess Whether Your Permissions & Privileges Pose a Risk to Your Organization
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Alerts & Reports Deliver Instant Insight

Identify privileged users by generating a list of all members of administrative groups and users with administrative privileges.

Audit permissions of all server components, compare permissions of an object over time, audit permissions to an object and analyze historical permissions.

Generate reports highlight changes in permissions to a given employee, helping you to enforce a least privilege-based policy.

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Want to Find Out Where You’re Susceptible to Risk?

If you’re not sure whether you need our solution to help you improve your security, we can provide a free professional risk assessment to help you make this decision.

Our experts will do all the heavy lifting and analyze your environment for you, producing a report highlighting your security strengths and weaknesses – all for free with no obligation!

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What Else Can LepideAuditor Do for You?
Discovery & Classification

Find out where your most sensitive data is and why it’s sensitive.

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User & Entity Behavior

Track user interaction with your data/systems and identify anomalies.

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States & Changes

Get insight into environment states & changes that pose a risk to your data.

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