The simplest way to rollback and restore changes

Single click rollback and restore for Active Directory and Group Policy objects

Active Directory and GroupPolicy Rollback and Restore

With LepideAuditor, we can first help you identify the changes that you want to restore, showing you a single log, for a single change with who, what, where and when details with those all–important before and after values. You then simply click on the ‘offending’ change and roll back to exactly as it was before the change was made. It restores all attributes, properties of the object to just as it was before. We’re able to do this by using our snapshot feature where we take regular state in time views of the current state of you Active Directory and Group Policy. Alternatively – we also offer the ability to restore from an Active Directory tombstone object which again, We’re talking regular snapshots of.

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Four ways we make Active Directory and Group Policy restore and rollback easier

  • It restore everything to as it was such as memberships, passwords and attributes
  • It takes just a single click and a simple wizard to roll back changes
  • Offers optional restore from snapshot or restore from tombstone feature
  • Enables you to fix IT issues faster – saves the business time and money


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