Speed Up Your SIEM Investigations with LepideAuditor

Many enterprise organizations implement Security Information and Event Management (SIEM) solutions into their IT environment to provide granular audit detail and meet compliance demands. SIEM solutions, whilst being able to generate and analyze huge amounts of audit data, are not very intuitive when it comes to enabling users to to spot and prevent data breaches. LepideAuditor enables you to quickly identify what the SIEM user behaviour alerts are trying to say by giving real world context to them.

Thousands of Organizations All Over
the World Rely on LepideAuditor
to Secure Their Unstructured Data

Integrate with Any SIEM Solution

LepideAuditor can integrate with any SIEM solution, including Splunk, LogRhythm, IBM QRadar, HP ArcSight and more. The solution also supports the auditing of Active Directory, Group Policy, File Server, Exchange, SQL Server, SharePoint and Office 365 (SharePoint Online and Exchange Online). You can also have multiple SIEM integrations simultaneously through LepideAuditor.

Simplify Your Response to Security Threats

You can configure LepideAuditor to send specific events to your installed SIEM solution that will help you simplify your response automation to potential security threats.

Protect Your SIEM Investments

By Integrating your SIEM solution with LepideAuditor, you can give context to the raw audit data that is being generated and, as a result, speed up your detection and response to any unwanted or unauthorized changes. Save yourself both time and money by not having to sift through mountains of indexed data. Let LepideAuditor do the work for you.

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