A Security Debate
Zero Trust or Trust but Verify

Episode 1 Is “Zero Trust” the Magic Bullet for Data Security?

Thursday 20th August 2pm EST

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Episode 2 Is “Trust but Verify” the Most Important Security Strategy?

Thursday 27th August 2pm EST

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About the Webinars

In a time when cyber attacks are at an all-time high due to the global pandemic and privacy regulators are more watchful of the handling of sensitive data, info sec leaders might need to re-evaluate their approaches. In spite of many companies moving their data to cloud storage, we know that remote working has lead to data traversing unsecured networks and being saved on work laptops.

Do you feel comfortable with your current data protection situation? If you’re considering how to protect corporate data in our new normal, you’ll want to attend our webinar series during which we will weigh the pros and cons of two data protection approaches.

For some this may feel like a religious debate with the users in the middle. Can you trust users to make the right decision to protect your data in a guided way, or is that just ludicrous?


Aidan Simister

CEO at Lepide

Rick Wilson

VP of Strategy & Solutions at Sherpa Software