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Question and Answer Settings With Lepide Tool

LADSS gives employees the flexibility to reset the forgotten password and unlock the locked out accounts, it does not compromise with the account security. To reset password or unlock account, every employee who wants to reset password or unlock account, needs to go through the tough user verification. If the verification gets failed, the employee will not be able to reset password or unlock account. See the below given image to understand how LADSS manages security:

LADSS Manage Security

While resetting password / unlocking account, the employee needs to undergo double verification. At first level, s/he provides user name and domain. After passing that level of verification, the employee needs to answer the security questions that s/he has selected at the time of enrolling into the LADSS software.

Configuring Question and Answer Settings

The system administrator decides that how many questions employees need to answer to reset the password whereas configuring settings for various other fields to ensure the total security during the process of password reset / account unlock. Admin also decides whether the user needs to answer the predefined questions or some user-defined questions.

Listed below are the fields that the administrator needs to configure:

  • Number of selectable questions
  • Number of user-defined questions
  • Minimum number of question characters
  • Maximum number of question characters
  • Minimum number of characters to answer question
  • Maximum number of characters to answer question

LADSS gives employees the flexibility to set their own questions for easy remembrance; however, the number of questions that the employee can frame is configured by the administrator. Administrator has the access to limit the maximum and minimum number of characters of question as well as answer. The administrator can at anytime create a new set of question or edit and delete an existing question. Furthermore, he can also make a predefined question mandatory for the users to answer

Security purposes

User identity management is considered imperative and this is why myriad of organizations are looking forward for multi-tasking self-service application to take care of organizational security. LADSS provides an array of security verification layers to conduct user authorization. Moreover, administrator has access to track the user activities performed using the software. This tool offers advantage to users as well as administrator, as users can update their own profile and administrators can keep a track on ongoing activities.

While scheduling automatic password reset using LADSS software, the administrator can configure the following properties:

  • Daily: Will reset password daily.
  • Every Week: Will reset password every week.
  • Every Month: Will reset password every month.
Benefits of Automatic Password Reset Feature of the Software

Automatic Password reset feature offers the following benefits:

  • Enhanced security: Automatic password resets are usually performed to maintain the intricacy of security which in turn is always beneficial to organizations. Safety of important passwords is considered highly important in the organizations as password known to other users may hamper the security. Hence, scheduled password resets often serves well for enhanced security.
  • Auto-reset password value: Password value is the default value which will be set in case automatic reset domain user password is allowed. Administrator resets password to this default password value while configuring automatic password reset which can be same as "logon name" or "abcde."
  • Notifying user of auto-reset password: The automatic password reset is notified to all the users beforehand by the administrator in the form of notification email, which is sent to all the users of the domain. This forewarning of password reset minimizes the possibilities of account unlocks and password loss issues thereby saving large amount of time and adding the same to the productivity.
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