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LepideAuditor Freeware is now

Lepide Change Reporter
for Group Policy - Freeware

Our free GPO tool for detecting and reporting on changes made to Group Policies in real time.

Monitor and Report on Group Policy Changes for Free

Group Policy Objects offer IT admins a centralized way to manage the resources and settings of their IT infrastructure. A slight error in these settings can have serious repercussions to the security of your organization. With the Lepide Change Reporter freeware, you can detect changes being made to Group Policy Objects to help overcome the limitations of native auditing methods.


Our Group Policy Freeware is easy to install, configure, and use. After adding the domain, you can view the changes made to Active Directory and Group Policy Objects in the predefined report. It is also very easy to modify the listing of an added domain.

Instant Visibility

Our free Group Policy monitoring tool shows all changes that have been made to Group Policy. The Radar Tab displays this change information in an easy to digest way to make it simpler to detect and react to unwanted Group Policy changes.

Noise-free auditing environment

Our tool records every change made to Group Policy by processing and converting raw log into intelligent audit data. This data is stored and displayed in a predefined report.

Better than Native Auditing

Relying on native auditing for Group Policy isn’t practical. To help you identify threats to your IT security faster, The Lepide Change Reporter freeware provides you with easy-to-understand details on configuration changes and user activities.

Compare Lepide Change Reporter with LepideAuditor

Functionality Lepide Change Reporter LepideAuditor
All environment changes report yes yes
"When" and "Where" audit details for each event yes yes
Active Directory, Group Policy and Exchange Server supported yes yes
File Server, SQL, SharePoint, Office 365, Amazon S3, G Suite and Dropbox supported no yes
"Who" and "What" audit details for each event no yes
Before and after values for every change no yes

Not Sure Whether to Choose Change Reporter or LepideAuditor?

If you are looking for a simple, consolidated report on changes made to environment and configurations in Active Directory, Group Policy and Exchange Server, then the Lepide Change Reporter should suit your needs.

LepideAuditor, on the other hand, will give you the answers to the following questions:

  • - Where is my sensitive data located and why is it sensitive?
  • - Who has access to my most sensitive data?
  • - What are users doing with my most sensitive data?

If you would like answers to these questions, then we recommend you start a free trial of LepideAuditor today.

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“It does what it says on the tin! No more questionable oopsies about who deleted or changed what
when you weren’t looking. A must have as part of your freeware collection.”

Start Your Journey to Better Group Policy Reporting

Our “All Environment Changes” report included in the Change Reporter freeware, provides information on all the changes being made to Group Policy Objects. You can also get answers to the ‘when and where’ auditing questions to help you increase visibility and provide some context to changes.

Remember, the Change Reporter freeware only provides initial awareness over changes being made. If you want complete visibility over your Exchange Server, it is recommended that you take a free trial of LepideAuditor.

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