NetApp Filer Auditing

LepideAuditor for NetApp Filer, a component of LepideAuditor for File Server, provides a detailed auditing platform for your NetApp Filers and storage management systems. This solution offers a simple yet comprehensive way to keep of file and folder level access in exactly the same way as you would do in a Windows File Server. It provides a central management console in which you can audit CIFS, shares, NFS Exports and File auditing protocols. And via our utilisation of the Fpolicy framework and the assigned file policy or FPolicy we’re able consistently and continuously capture events to help you audit and monitor file and folder activity. Our LepideAuditor for File Servers (and NetApp) is available either standalone or is as an integrated feature of our award-winning LepideAuditor.

Get all the detail you need from one intuitive console

We have designed a graphical user interface that is both easy-to-use and powerful enough to give you complete visibility over the changes taking place in your NetApp Filer. It truly has never been easier to audit NetApp Filer changes than by having all these details in one place; including changes per administrator, changes by source and changes to trends. We’ve also made sure that we can track the health of your NetApp Filer to help you ensure that your systems are always running smoothly. We have a LiveFeed that delivers change alerts in real time to your inbox or to the LepideAuditor App.

Granular file and folder reports for easier NetApp Filer auditing

Our NetApp auditor is the easiest means of tracking file and folder level changes as they happen. Collecting raw logs and trying to draw any meaningful information from them can be a thankless task; altogether too time consuming, manual and complex. LepideAuditor does the hard work for you and generates a single log for a single change that draws attention to the “who, what, where and when” auditing questions. It shows you all attempts of file or folder creation, deletion or modification, including permission level changes. It offers information on the time, drive, directory, file name, process and events surrounding the change. And if you really can’t find the report you need – simply build your own custom report and save it for future use. These reports are delivered automatically on a schedule in CSV, PDF or MHT format, either by email or by saving on a shared location. Access to these reports can also be delegated to users via a secure web-based portal.

We tell you immediately when changes occur to your NetApp Filers

When it comes to auditing files and folders stored in NetApp, we think it’s important to be proactive. We’re one of the very few vendors providing a solution that give you real time alerts on file change events. To us, to simply have a report without the instant notification is just not a risk worth taking. We think if you’re dealing with data and someone is doing something you’d rather they weren’t then you need to know immediately – not weeks down the line when it’s too late. That’s why we provide both real-time and threshold alerts either in the console itself as LiveFeed updates, direct to your inbox or as notifications to LepideAuditor App. Surely this is better than waiting until after a breach to retrospectively identify the culprit?

NetApp Filer auditing right at your fingertips

We’ve developed a powerful mobile app that you can download absolutely free of charge. This mobile app is available for any Android or Apple iOS enables device and helps you keep track of NetApp Filer changes as push-notifications on our App whilst you’re on the go.

We audit both 7-Mode and Cluster Mode Configurations

Our award-winning solution audits both 7-Mode and Cluster Mode Configurations. It does not matter in which SVM or pair your data is stored, LepideAuditor continuously monitors both user accesses and any changes made. With over 15 predefined reports, LepideAuditor lets administrators track all user activities on NetApp Filer and audit all changes made to files, folders and their permissions. You can apply real-time or threshold alerts on any of these reports.

NetApp Compliance Report

We’ve developed this solution to help make compliance reporting easier

Apart from NetApp server auditing for security purposes or systems management, a common requirement for our customers is implemented as solution to prove to auditors that adequate steps are being taken to ensure data is being monitored. This solution provides a wide range of reports that will help with a number of mandates of compliance standards such as PCI, SOX, HIPAA, GLBA, FISMA, GDPR and other similar compliances.

NetApp audit report for File and Folder creation

We think it’s important to provide context to changes made

To effectively audit and monitor we think you need to know some context. In particular we think you need to know the value of the change before the event. We believe having this information makes it much easier to diagnose and fix issues more effectively.

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