Overcoming the Limitations of SIEM Solutions with Lepide

Renu Bhaskaran
| Time 4 min read| Updated On - July 14, 2020

Overcoming the limitations of SIEM solutions with Lepide
Having a hard time managing massive volumes of data logs? You’re not alone. Dealing with data collected from numerous hosts within an enterprise is often a daunting task for admins.

Since a single security breach can have a far-reaching impact throughout the business, many companies are investing in SIEM solutions for threat management and compliance requirements. However, we’ve had many people come to us and say that SIEM didn’t help them solve their problem. This could be for a number of reasons, not least because SIEM solutions are often too difficult to deploy and get real value from.

Let’s have a look at some of the common challenges involved in the implementation of SIEM and then dig deeper into how Lepide Data Security Platform some of these.

Challenges involved in the implementation of SIEM

  • SIEM is not easy to use or implement in small and mid-size business enterprises. They’re mostly very complex and need expert assistance at each stage.
  • The event logs collected from different devices lack standardization in their management process.
  • The right scope of monitoring becomes difficult when various departments of an organization do not follow common objectives.
  • With thousands of alerts and notifications generated, SIEM products require 24×7 monitoring by skilled professionals.
  • The hefty support and maintenance is not something that all organizations can afford.
  • These over-promising solutions are painfully slow when it comes to delivering the required information.

How Lepide Data Security Platform overcomes the drawbacks of SIEM solutions

SIEM solutions function by collecting log data from multiple sources in an organization’s network infrastructure. These solutions are plagued with limitations, including a long winded reporting process, inadequate scalability, painful implementation procedure and often an unjustifiable cost. We will now go through the drawbacks of SIEM and see how Lepide Data Security Platform helps you overcome them.

Complicated Reporting

SIEM data reports are available in the form of consolidated displays, making it challenging to derive quick insights into critical changes. The enormous amount of data logs generated can be hard to understand, even when the information is available in an organized format.

The granular audit reports delivered by Lepide Data Security Platform, however, help you address all manner of security, compliance and IT operations challenges. The solution monitors changes in real-time and offers a single log for a single change with who, what, where and when details.

Too noisy

SIEM solutions generate an unmanageable number of irrelevant alerts that doesn’t give visibility into relevant events. When talking about alerts and alarms, more does not necessarily mean better. Often, SIEM solutions end up alerting for incidents that aren’t malicious, which can mean potentially dangerous changes get lost at the bottom of the pile.

Lepide Data Security Platform allows you to create alerts on more than 300 event reports that can be filtered and sent either in real-time or on a threshold-basis. These alerts can be sent as emails, LiveFeed updates to the Radar Tab of the console or as push-notifications to Lepide Mobile App (available for both Apple and Android devices).

Prohibitive Costs

If you’ve looked into SIEM solutions before, you’re probably aware of the painful costs involved with deployment, integration, training and management. Often, you will have to hire expensive architects and consultants to get meaningful information from your SIEM solution.

Lepide Data Security Platform, on the other hand, is a simple and cost-effective auditing solution that tracks and monitors changes made to your critical IT infrastructure. This solution, equipped with invaluable in-built features, is very user-friendly and delivers easy to understand audit reports. You won’t need the expert help to extract the information you require. No additional costs are needed to implement it either.

Complex deployment cycle

Organizations usually look into investing in SIEM solutions because they have an urgent need for one. Deploying and integrating a SIEM solution can often take months, as the rules and algorithms involved need to be managed and updated constantly.

The installation procedure for Lepide Data Security Platform is easy. The only real requirement is that the computer on which the auditing solution is going to be installed should the system requirements.

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