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Deploying defenses to protect against outside threats may seem more natural than protecting yourself against your own employees. However, we now know that attacks from malicious insiders are by far the most damaging to your organization. In the light of this, identifying malicious insiders should be number one on your list of priorities when it comes to IT security. Segregating Malicious Insiders Insider threats are people who have been entrusted … Read more

As you can imagine, a company’s inability to locate their critical assets is a big problem for security. After all, should an attacker gain access to, and disclose a company’s sensitive data, this could be devastating for the company’s reputation and financial well-being. Despite the risks, there’s still a large number of companies who simply don’t know where their data is stored. According to a report by the Institute of … Read more

Seems nowadays that there’s a new data breach every day in the mainstream news. The sheer volume of highly publicized data security breaches serve as an important reminder that data access governance must be a major part of your ongoing security activities, and not a one-time thing. It’s about time organizations got serious about governing access to their critical business data and reducing the likelihood of a potential data breach. … Read more

Having a hard time managing massive volumes of data logs? You’re not alone. Dealing with data collected from numerous hosts within an enterprise is often a daunting task for admins. Since a single security breach can have a far-reaching impact throughout the business, many companies are investing in SIEM solutions for threat management and compliance requirements. However, we’ve had many people come to us and say that SIEM didn’t help … Read more

Account lockouts are a common problem experienced by Active Directory users. They arise because of Account Lockout Policies configured in the default domain policy for the Active Directory domain. In this article, we will go through some of the root causes of the account lockouts and the way to simplify the troubleshooting process. Common causes of account lockouts Mapped drives using old credentials: Mapped drives can be configured to use … Read more

The Active Directory is arguably the most important part of any organization’s IT infrastructure. It’s important to be vigilant when it comes to monitoring and alerting on any changes made to this system so that you can spot any changes that may have been made in error or are damaging. Occasionally, objects can be deleted by mistake or administrators may delete objects that have been created for test purposes. Whatever … Read more

Self-service password reset solutions are a great way to reduce the work of IT departments and help desk administrators. According to a recent study conducted by system analysts, 30% of the queries which are sent to the IT helpdesk are related to password and account management only. These queries not only increase the workload of IT departments, but are also a cause of reduction in productivity. Such organizations can get … Read more

In this IT age, networking is the key to most business operations. Every access to any system in a network domain is thus entrusted through user accounts and upon correct user password approval. Since, critical business data and transactions are shared on the network, illicit attempts for account access is an alluring prospect for trespassers who try to supersede in their own felonious intentions. Thus, account lockout and password usage … Read more

We’re not talking about deploying a database for the mobile using SQL Server Compact rather we’re here by discussing any possibility to bring the SQL Management Studio to the handheld devices entirely or partially. The day when Apple’s iOS and Google’s Android transformed the existing world of handheld devices, everybody is talking about to bring the giant computer applications and facilities to the smartphones, tablets, PDAs, etc. Here, the thought … Read more

Account lockouts are one of the common problems that IT administrators have to deal with. As common as it may sound, the total loss of productivity in the organization due to account lockouts of all employees is a big issue, only if you can quantify it in monetary terms. Employees logging on to the system find that their account has been locked and all that they can do is find … Read more

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