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We all rely so heavily on email today – it’s on our desktops, tablets, mobile phones and now even on our watches! Even if email is offline for just a few minutes you just know it’s going to result in countless helpdesk calls from end users ‘desperately’ needing their emails. And the reality is in the event of an Exchange outage trying to get an Exchange Server back up and running quickly is not always easy… unless you have Lepide of course. As a part of our LepideAuditor range we created LepideAuditor for Exchange, available either standalone or as a part of our award winning LepideAuditor . This really simple solution provides a simple, cost effective way of seeing who, what, where and when changes are made to your Exchange environment. It gives you real time alerts when changes occur and provides you with hundreds of reports – all showing you before and after values of every change made. Simply put – it gives you the insight you need to make faster decisions to resolve issues quicker.

See all changes in your IT environment from an easy-to-use GUI

Easily track all changes occurring across your Exchange Server environment with our simple, yet powerful, intuitive dashboard. It enables you to easily determine the total number of changes being made to your Exchange Server. These changes can be broken down into changes per source or changes per administrator. You can also spot anomalies in trends to help you determine if you are experiencing the symptoms of an attack or data leakage incident. Help minimise the risk of system downtime through performance and health tracking. See all Exchange Server changes instantly as they happen through our LiveFeed.

Easily audit Exchange Server changes with granular reports

The simple, yet granular, audit reports of LepideAuditor give you the answers to the “who, what, when and where” questions of auditing in a single log for a single change. Over 40 pre-defined reports have been included to help you instantly find the audit data you require for your security or compliance demands. We specifically monitor changes made to active directory objects, mailbox databases, exchange policies, storage groups, all of which you can drill down and select based on the object class. All of the reports are delivered on schedule either in CSV, PDF, or MHT or via secure web console for further manipulation as needed.

Real time alerts for critical Exchange Server changes

The best time to discover unauthorised or unwanted Exchange Server changes is immediately after they happen. This enables you to take quicker action to rectify these changes if required. To help you do this, LepideAuditor has the ability to send real time alerts, based on a single event of threshold conditions, to any specified user. Threshold alerting is particularly important, as it enables you to determine when a certain event occurs an unusually high number of times over a small period of time. All of this should add to your arsenal when it comes to spotting change trends that may be unusual or unauthorised.

We make it easy for IT teams to keep track of Exchange Server changes on mobile devices

To help IT teams monitor Exchange Server changes while out and about we have provide a Mobile App. Our LepideAuditor App shows a live feed and real time alerts of Exchange Server changes as they happen straight to any Apple device such as an iPhone or iPad or any Android phone or tablet. Read more

Exchange Server Compliance Report

We provide reports to help with Exchange Server security, compliance and management

We keep track of all changes as they happen. All of our auditing solutions provide you with one log per change showing who, what, where and when the change was made. We then provide this data to you through over 40 relevant reports to help you address PCI, SOX, GLBA, HIPAA reporting requirements along with all manner of security and systems management tasks. We specifically monitor changes made to active directory objects, mailbox databases, exchange policies, storage groups, all of which you can drill down and select based on the object class. All of the reports are delivered on schedule either in CSV, PDF, HTML, DOC or TXT or via secure web console for further manipulation as needed.

Non-Owner Access Report for Exchange Server

We make it easy to audit and alert based on non-owner mailbox access

Perhaps your CEO has a PA with access to their mailbox, or maybe you have some shared mailboxes you just want to keep a track of. Whether it’s for HR, Security or just good practice in such situations you really need to make sure you have proper auditing in place. With this solution you can audit based on specific user access and instantly get alerts and receive regular reports showing you who, what, where, when and where from a specific mailbox was accessed and what they did.
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Permission Change report for Exchange Server

We analyse the permission changes of your Exchange Server

Exchange Server permission analysis displays historical changes in the permissions of Exchange objects. The administrator can compare the permissions for selected objects between two date and time intervals. You can save separate reports of both “Permission History” and “Compare Permission” in PDF, MHT or CSV formats on the disk.Read more

Exchange Server Modification Report

We make it easy to get to the detail you need, when you need it

A key feature of our auditing platform is our powerful search functionality. We provide a logical and intuitive interface where you can search based on object path, user and resource as needed and create custom searches to create your own reports and filters which you can save for future use. It makes light work of even the most complex of queries and searches.
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An Exchange Server Alert

We offer single or threshold based alerts delivered direct the main console and your inbox

Real time alerts can alert you based on the condition of a single event, or operate on threshold conditions defined by time and event based criteria. These alerts can be sent directly to the console or to any specified email address.

Exchange Server mailbox modified report

We show you what’s changed and where that change came from

Naturally, you want to know if anything in your Exchange environment has been changed but the real value comes from the context. We think it’s important to show you what it was changed from. Our in-depth reporting helps IT teams improve security, streamline systems management and meet any kind of compliance challenge – making the life of the IT team much simpler.

Our Exchange Server health check feature

We keep track of the health of your Exchange Server

Lepide Exchange Server HealthCheck is an integrated feature of our LepideAuditor solution that provides a simple and powerful dashboard to help you keep track of important elements pertaining to Exchange server health and continuity. It provides continuous monitoring and real time alerting based on resource utilization, exchange server status, mailbox database size, EDB size monitoring and message ques.
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Exchange Server audit delegation

We make Exchange Server audit delegation more secure

While you may want certain users to see certain Exchange Server audit reports it’s quite likely you won’t want everyone to have full access to all of the reports, all of the time via the console. To address this, we offer a secure web based console in which IT teams can grant access to only specific reports to be accessed. We also think it’s important given the sensitivity of the audit data we also allow the encryption of the data while at rest.

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