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Lepide Data Security Platform for

Office 365

Get more visibility over how your users are accessing and interacting with your sensitive data across Office 365, prevent data breaches, and meet compliance with our Data Security Platform.

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Office 365 Auditing and Security Solution

Lepide gives organizations more visibility over how their data is being shared, accessed and modified in Office 365, to help spot and react to potential data breaches. Our Data Security Platform enables you to see where your sensitive data is, spot changes to permissions, and analyze user behavior across your Office 365 environment.

Audit Interactions With Data

All key “who”, “what”, “when” and “where” audit questions answered in a single place for every change made.

Monitor Data Access

Find out which of your users are accessing sensitive data in SharePoint Online and OneDrive.

Audit Non-Owner Mailbox Activity

Ensure you know whenever mailboxes are accessed by someone other than their owner in Exchange Online.

Analyze Permission Changes

Spot changes to permissions and configurations that may prevent you from implementing zero trust.

Classify Sensitive Data

Identify, classify, tag and score data based on the content, risk and compliance mandate it is governed by.

Real Time Alerts

Critical alerts delivered in real time to your email or to the Lepide mobile app and execute threat responses on the go..

Pre-Defined Threat Models

Hundreds of pre-defined reports and threat models designed to improve security and meet compliance.

Keep an Eye on Teams Users

See how your users are interacting with sensitive data on MS Team, including whether data is being shared.

Compliance Reporting

Generate compliance-ready reports for a number of regulations, including HIPAA, PCI, Sox, FISMA, GDPR, CCPA and more.

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Identify Sensitive Data Being Shared and Lock it Down

Mike from Finance sent James (your newest account representative) their sales targets for the month in a private chat on Microsoft Teams. That file contains sensitive data you don’t want James to be able to access.

Using Lepide, you can spot events like this in real time using our data classification solution and take action to reverse the permissions that have been granted from within the solution.

Prevent Data Breaches with Behavior Analytics

Real time alerts on user behavior and critical changes provide the who, what, when, where information, before and after values, risk value, data sensitivity and more.

Our in-built threat models can trigger automated responses for any number of changes that are detected, from potential rogue admins to ransomware attacks in motion. Automatically kill active sessions, disable users, alert admins and more.

Protect Core Systems – On-Premise and in the Cloud

You can also integrate with any of your favorite apps or SIEM solutions for even wider coverage.

How Lepide Helps Audit Office 365 Changes

Lepide’s Office 365 auditing solution tracks all changes made to Office 365 configurations, permissions, users, logins and more. Overcome the limitations of native Office 365 auditing, including auditing changes made to Exchange Online, SharePoint Online, Azure AD and OneDrive for Business and the monitoring of user activities in MS teams.

  • Monitor User Activities in Microsoft Teams See how your users are interacting with Microsoft Teams, including when sessions are started, when new teams are created, when new channels are created and more. Spot when users are sharing sensitive information and determine who now has access to that data so that you can remediate access if required. Read more
  • Audit Changes in Exchange Online Through numerous predefined reports and real time alert capabilities, you can audit every change in the configuration of Exchange Online, including changes to mailboxes, eDiscovery, Remote domain lists, Unified Messaging and policies. These reports are tailored to suit numerous compliance mandates, including GDPR, PCI, HIPAA, FISMA and more. You can also monitor all changes being made to permissions to ensure that no unwanted access privileges or administrative rights are granted unknowingly. Read more
  • Audit Changes in SharePoint OnlineAs crucial data is stored and shared in SharePoint Online, it's important that you are able to audit any changes that take place to configurations or permissions. From an intuitive dashboard, you will be able to see all user activities in this cloud platform, including changes to objects, permissions, groups and more. This information is provided through continuous updates in the LiveFeed and via real time alerts delivered to your inbox. Read more
  • Audit Changes in Azure AD Lepide Office 365 Auditor enables you to audit, monitor and alert on any changes to Privileged Users/Groups as well as configurations to help you improve the security of this cloud-based directory and identity management service. We can help you meet all manner of compliance requirements and enable security controls by providing a full audit trail of every user authentication. Read more
  • Audit Changes in OneDrive for BusinessUnlike SharePoint Online, content stored on OneDrive for Business should not often be shared as it is usually business-critical. Lepide Office 365 Auditor enables you to improve the security of this cloud-storage platform by tracking changes to files and folders, security groups and configurations. This will enable you to get better insight into any unwanted changes taking place surrounding your most sensitive data. Read more

Other Useful Features

Mobile App

Spot changes on the go and implement automated
threat response all from our mobile app.

User Behavior Analytics

Spot anomalies in trends and user behavior,
including single point anomalies.

Automate Threat Response

Execute threat response templates when known
risks are identified for faster response.

Investigate Incidents Easily

All critical audit information for any change
is displayed in one simple view.

Integrate with SIEM

Get value from your SIEM deployments by
forwarding Lepide events to your SIEM.

Govern Access to Data

Identify users with excessive permissions and
revoke access from within the solution.

“Environment visibility at a glance. The real time alerting, and
live feed of changes are awesome.”

Lepide is straightforward to use and effective right off the bat. Plus, the level of patience, attentiveness and technical knowhow is far beyond most support and sales teams I’ve seen before.

Drayke Jackson Security Engineer

We chose Lepide as they were able to offer us threat detection and response, and a way of separating out reporting duties to a web console – all from one platform.

Kevin Gallagher Senior Systems Administrator

Lepide is a perfect fit for our IT Security and Compliance requirements. It helps us cut out a lot of wasted time and money and now we know we can be compliant with industry standards.

Agnel Dsilva Information Technology Administrator

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