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Microsoft Teams is more popular than ever before. As with any sharing and collaboration platform, Teams brings with it a host of security risks, usually down to rushed deployments with misconfigured permissions. Take the complexity out of MS Teams security and get more visibility over your Office 365 environment with Lepide.

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Monitor User Activities in Microsoft Teams

The collaboration that MS Teams provides creates unique security challenges that many solutions cannot cope with. Lepide enables you to get real visibility over how your users are engaging with Teams and when sensitive data is being shared, to help you respond to threats and prevent breaches.

Understand How Your Sensitive Data Is Being Shared in Teams

Whenever sensitive data is shared on Teams, you need to be able to see which users are now able to access that information and remediate access if required.

Get real time alerts when sensitive data is being shared via particular channels or directly in chats. Generate reports on which users now have access to that sensitive data and address excessive permissions.

Uncover How Your Employees Are Using Teams

Get real time information on how and when your users are accessing Microsoft Teams, including when sessions are started, when new teams are created, new channels are created, and more.

Receive this information in real time alerts or through pre-defined reports to detect and react to inappropriate usage faster.

See When Data is Shared Externally

Lepide can now show you when data is being shared externally on MS Teams, whether through public/private channels or individual chats. This gives you the ability to identify and alert in real time when your most sensitive data is being shared outside your organization, helping you to detect incidents that could lead to potential data breaches.

Key Features of the
Lepide Microsoft Teams Auditing Software

Mobile App

Spot changes on the go and implement automated threat response all from our mobile app.

Intuitive Dashboard

Get a bird’s eye view of all the critical changes taking to place to your Microsoft Teams environment.

Pre-Defined Reports

Hundreds of pre-defined security and compliance reports to simplify and speed up your Microsoft Teams auditing.

Real Time Alerts

Alerts for critical changes being made to your Microsoft Teams are delivered in real time.

Integrate with SIEM

Get value from your SIEM deployments by forwarding Lepide events to your SIEM.

Easy Compliance

Classify your sensitive data and report on security states and changes being made for easier compliance.

Our Success Stories

Western Connecticut Health Network

Lepide is straightforward to use and effective right off the bat. Plus, the level of patience, attentiveness and technical knowhow is far beyond most support and sales teams I’ve seen before.

Drayke Jackson Security Engineer
Edinburgh Napier University

We chose Lepide as they were able to offer us threat detection and response, and a way of separating out reporting duties to a web console – all from one platform.

Kevin Gallagher Senior Systems Administrator
City of

Lepide is a perfect fit for our IT Security and Compliance requirements. It helps us cut out a lot of wasted time and money and now we know we can be compliant with industry standards.

Agnel Dsilva Information Technology Administrator