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Lepide – Free Tools

A collection of the free tools created by Lepide to help organizations improve their IT security
and streamline systems management.

Lepide Change Reporter

Lepide Change Reporter provides visibility and control over what’s happening only in your Active Directory, Group Policy and Exchange Server with LIMITED FUNCTIONALITY. Once Lepide Change Reporter is downloaded and installed, the software will be yours to keep forever.

If you want to proactively and continuously track, audit, report and alert on changes to improve visibility, security and compliance-readiness, we would recommend starting a free trial of the full Lepide Data Security Platform solution.

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Lepide Account Lockout Examiner

Track and troubleshoot Active Directory account lockouts.

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Lepide Open Shares & Stale Data

View open shares and stale data on file servers.

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Lepide AD User Account Status

View users’ accounts status in Active Directory.

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Lepide Users With Admin Privileges

View users with Privilege Access.

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Lepide SQL Storage Manager

Effectively manage and utilize SQL disk space for free. Get an overview of storage structure including space usage and availability; forecasts future database size requirements, shrink databases, partition databases, defrag databases by reorganizing heaps and indexes.

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Lepide Active Directory Bulk Image Editor

Free software to upload and manage images in bulk into Active Directory's thumbnailPhoto and jpegPhoto attributes to display in Outlook 2010, Lync and third-party products.

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Lepide Remote Admin

Free PC remote control tool to administer all the computers in the network. Get complete desktop control and troubleshoot all the issues remotely.

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Lepide Last Logon Reporter

Free Lepide Last Logon Reporter software to get information about last logon of users in the domain so as to sustain compliance and identify inactive user accounts

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Lepide DC Monitor

DC Monitor is an effective free tool to help administrator in monitoring and evaluating state of Domain Controllers and their performance.

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Lepide Local User Management

User Management eliminates the need to manage user accounts locally; use this freeware to enable/disable accounts remotely as well as reset the passwords.

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Lepide Active Directory Query

A free and advanced directory tool to display detailed information of all objects saved by the user and helps the administrator keep the information on finger-tips.

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Lepide Offline Folder Report

Free tool to generate offline folder reports that display details of OST and non-OST users. An ideal tool that runs with administrator credentials.

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