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A collection of the free tools created by Lepide to help organizations improve their IT security and streamline systems management.

Lepide Change Reporter

Lepide Change Reporter provides visibility and control over what’s happening only in your Active Directory, Group Policy and Exchange Server with LIMITED FUNCTIONALITY. Once Lepide Change Reporter is downloaded and installed, the software will be yours to keep forever.

If you want to proactively and continuously track, audit, report and alert on changes to improve visibility, security and compliance-readiness, we would recommend starting the free trial of our Lepide Auditor solution.

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Lepide Account Lockout Examiner

Track and troubleshoot Active Directory account lockouts.

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Lepide Open Shares & Stale Data

View open shares and stale data on file servers.

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Lepide AD User Account Status

View users’ accounts status in Active Directory.

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Lepide Users With Admin Privileges

View users with Privilege Access.

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