Powerful event log management tool for centralized collection, analysis, and monitoring of logs.

Thousands of companies use Lepide to meet compliance and protect their sensitive data

Thousands of companies use Lepide to meet compliance and protect their sensitive data - image

Event Log Manager Free Tool

Lepide Event Log Management Freeware is a specific event log management tool designed to help organizations collect, analyze, and monitor Windows and W3C event logs. It offers a range of features that assist in log management, security monitoring, compliance, and troubleshooting. Here's a description of some key features and capabilities of Lepide Event Log Management Freeware:

Log Collection and Centralization - icon Log Collection and Centralization

Our tool allows you to collect event logs from multiple sources, including servers, workstations, network devices, and applications and centralize them into a single repository.

Real-time Log Monitoring - icon Real-time Log Monitoring

The tool provides real-time log monitoring, allowing you to track events as they occur.

Log Analysis and Reporting - icon Log Analysis and Reporting

Lepide Event Log Management offers advanced log analysis capabilities to help you identify trends, patterns, and anomalies in your log data.

Log Search and Filtering - icon Log Search and Filtering

With its powerful search functionality, Lepide Event Log Management enables you to quickly search and filter log data based on various criteria.

Overall, Lepide Event Log Management freeware simplifies the collection, analysis, and monitoring of event logs, enabling organizations to maintain a secure and compliant IT environment. It provides actionable insights from log data, aids in incident response, and helps optimize system performance and availability.

“It does what it says on the tin! No more questionable oopsies about who deleted or changed what
when you weren’t looking. A must have as part of your freeware collection.”