Lepide Joins Forces with Spirion to Enhance Data Security Posture Management

Pioneers of data-Centric Security and Sensitive Data Governance Unite to Strengthen Data Protection and Compliance Posture

AUSTIN, TX Aug. 22, 2023 — Lepide, an innovator in data protection and access governance, and Spirion, a pioneer in sensitive data governance, have united their strengths to empower organizations with enhanced data protection. This strategic collaboration aims to tackle the critical challenges posed by data breaches and unauthorized access to sensitive information.

Together, they offer a comprehensive solution that enables organizations to understand their sensitive data landscape, implement effective user rights, monitor data-related activities, identify potential breaches, and safeguard against unauthorized access.

The Spirion platform excels at accurately identifying 98.5% of personal and sensitive data across an organization’s IT landscape. Lepide can now use Spirion intelligence to take charge of monitoring access and activities associated with the identified data. By combining both platforms into a unified solution, enterprises gain an unprecedented level of visibility and control over their sensitive and confidential information.

“Lepide is thrilled to collaborate with Spirion and enhance our data protection capabilities with their highly accurate data discovery and classification capabilities,” says Aidan Simister, Lepide CEO. “The detailed information that Spirion provides will add even more context to the Lepide solution. This will allow our customers to more effectively implement least privilege access, analyze user behavior in relation to sensitive data, and detect and react to security threats in real time.”

“Spirion is dedicated to delivering state-of-the-art solutions that empower enterprises to identify, classify, and protect sensitive data effectively,” says Kevin Coppins, Spirion CEO & President. “Lepide can then enable effective access governance and activity monitoring around the sensitive data to prevent data breaches.” We work together towards a common goal, helping our customers protect what matters most while providing the best overall value in data security.”

The partnership between Spirion and Lepide equips businesses with holistic visibility into their data, enabling them to proactively safeguard sensitive information, bolster their security stance, and lay the groundwork for Data Security Posture Management (DSPM), Least Privilege Access, and Zero Trust programs.

This collaboration promises a powerful and proactive approach to data security, providing organizations with the tools and insights needed to protect sensitive data from breaches effectively. With Spirion and Lepide at their side, enterprises can confidently navigate the complex landscape of data security and fortify their defenses against potential threats.

About Spirion: Spirion has relentlessly solved real data protection problems since 2006 with accurate, contextual discovery of structured and unstructured data; purposeful classification; automated real-time risk remediation; and powerful analytics and dashboards to give organizations greater visibility into their most at-risk data and assets. Spirion Privacy-GradeTM data protection software enables organizations to reduce risk exposure, gain visibility into their data footprint, improve business efficiencies and decision-making while facilitating compliance with data protection laws and regulations.

About Lepide: Lepide is an innovator in data protection and access governance (DAG), offering a comprehensive platform that combines identity and data security. With powerful monitoring, analysis, and real-time threat detection capabilities, Lepide enables organizations to take control of their data and proactively protect sensitive information from unauthorized access, reducing the attack surface and ensuring compliance with various data protection regulations.

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