LepideAuditor 18.5 Introduces Anomaly Spotting to Improve User & Entity Behavior Analytics

calendarOctober 23, 2018, user Product Update

Today, Lepide announced the launch of LepideAuditor 18.5 which now includes improved User and Entity Behavior Analytics (UEBA).

Using LepideAuditor 18.5, users can now spot and react to anomalous user behavior to help defend against potential insider threats. LepideAuditor will now automatically determine what activity around is your data is considered normal through a “learning period” and use that information to alert you whenever there is a deviation from this norm.

Using this feature, you can determine when a user is performing an action related to your most sensitive data that you have not seen before – helping you to react quicker to a potentially damaging event.

“I think the new UEBA section in LepideAuditor will give organizations real insight into how their users are interacting with their key data,” said Aidan Simister, CEO at Lepide. “It’s yet another step in the right direction towards providing organizations with a complete data-centric audit and protection solution.”

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