Intuitive Dashboard to Keep Eye on Storage Space
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Dashboard Reports for Disk Status

View disk status including details like size of registered instance and size of the disk on which that instance is stored. Know the storage status i.e. Critical, Warning and Normal.

Lepide SQL Storage Manager provides the facility to analyze the status of selected server through dashboard report. This report provides an overview of the disk space including free and space used by the instance and also shows status of disk space.

Available free space can also be further analyzed using free space reports, which show free space and the instance size in graphical format and a data table providing information about the instance, instance current size and free space on disk.

Status shown in Dashboard report can be understood as:

  • Normal: There is enough space on the disk to store data.
  • Warning: Space on the disk will be full very soon.
  • Critical: Disk space is just about full and disk space needs to be increased immediately


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