Schedule Database Defragmentation
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Schedule Database Defragmentation

Constant insertion, updation and deletion of data lead to fragmentation over a period of time. Administrators need to frequently check their databases for critical fragmentation level and defragment it to avoid performance issues.

Lepide SQL Storage manager simplifies the defrag process by eliminating the need to manually check fragmentation level and then scheduling and automating the process of reorganizing indexes. The administrator can define fragmentation threshold to get alerts whenever defragmentation is required and get the defrag process done without using native services.

Here are some downsides of native services, which can be passed up using Lepide SQL Storage Manager:

  • Defragmentation can be scheduled, but that will run the defrag tool at scheduled time, even if fragmentation level is not that high.
  • It unnecessarily increases the log size and consumes system resources.
  • Complex Transact-SQL functions to find out extent of fragmentation.
  • Cumbersome process to deal with various databases.

Simple yet Effective Method to Identify and Fix Fragmentation

Lepide SQL Storage Manager improves database performance by overcoming drawbacks of native tools:

  • Allows you to define fragmentation thresholds on the basis of Number of Pages, Logical Fragmentation, Fragmentation Extent and Scan Density.
  • Get automatic alerts when fragmentation level passes defined threshold. Defragment only when required.
  • Reorganize Indexes on alerts.
  • Run immediately or schedule automatic reorganization of Indexes periodically.
  • Get Alerts on completion of defrag process.


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