Advanced Partition Management Wizard
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Partition Management

With Lepide SQL Storage Manager's advanced partition management wizard and functionalities, creating, removing, switching and altering partitions at Tables and Index level becomes quite quick and convenient without using complex native services.

When size of the Tables become very large, partitioning may significantly improve their performance, scalability, and manageability. Not all data is used all the time and such "static" data might significantly impact performance and scalability of the database, and also, consume more resources in maintaining its backup. Lepide SQL Storage Manager allows creating, altering, removing and switching partitions on Tables and Indexes from a single platform.

When using native services- Transact- SQL statements for creating, removing, altering and switching partitions, the administrator can face these complexities:

  • Complex Transact SQL Statements and multiple arguments for every action
  • Huge time consumption
  • Version dependent procedures that seem quite unfamiliar to seasoned users
  • Huge time consumption

Lepide SQL Storage Manager's advanced partition management functionalities are simplified enough to prevail over above mentioned complexities:

  • Simple Wizard to create and manage partition instead of complex Transact-SQL commands.
  • Make choices by selecting checkboxes rather than specifying arguments in Transact-SQL functions.
  • Easy wizards for altering, removing and switching existing partitions.
  • Execute the task immediately or schedule it to run at specified time in your absence.
  • Get notification through email on successful execution of the task.


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