Reorganize Heaps and Indexes
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Reorganize Fragmented Heaps and Indexes

Improve data manipulation and search performance in a simplified manner! Reorganize Heaps and Indexes with Lepide SQL Storage Manager and do away with tedious steps and complex procedures of rearranging fragmented data in a database.

Constant updating of the SQL server database may leave the physical data on disks highly fragmented. Reorganizing Indexes and Tables having non-clustered Indexes, also called Heaps is a quick way to remove the fragmentation and improve database performance.

Lepide SQL Storage Manager offers advanced functionalities to perform Index/Heap reorganization, thus getting around these limitations of native services:

  • Reorganizing Indexes and Heaps using T-SQL or SQL server Management Studio requires you to perform a number of steps and you have to remember all the steps sequentially to execute the task successfully.
  • You need to determine the extent of fragmentation and check if there is sufficient disk space by running separate command before going for reorganization.

Simplify and automate Index and Heap reorganization with Lepide SQL storage manager:

  • Simple and intuitive wizard that guides you step-by-step throughout the process.
  • Reorganize indexes only when necessary to save resource and time.
  • Specify the threshold of Logical fragmentation, Extent fragmentation, number of Index pages and Scan density for running the Index Reorganization.
  • Let software determine the fill factor by just selecting the database type or manually specify new value through wizard.
  • Reorganize only the objects that are used frequently, avoid working on static objects to save resources.
  • Software displays current size of the file groups and estimated size after reorganizing Indexes.
  • Search Heaps and specify scan density criteria before reorganizing Heaps.
  • Schedule Job and get notification on completion of the Job.
  • Select Database Objects to Reorganize Index, Defrag and Update Statistics