Shrink Database with SQL Storage Manager
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Shrink Database, FileGroups and Files

Maximize storage space utilization by shrinking databases with Lepide SQL Storage Manager's simplified database shrinking facilities i.e. schedule and shrink required database at specified time and get notified when shrinking process is done.

With growing storage requirement; shirking database, file or filegroups may become necessary to remove unused space and better utilize them for further requirements. Lepide SQL Storage Manager keeps the administrator a step ahead by providing facility to schedule and automate database shrinking process.

Get More Space Out of the Same Storage

Lepide SQL Storage Manager allows you to perform better storage management by providing option to shrink full Instance, Database, FileGroups and Files without using native utilities. It physically shrinks the database providing more space out of same storage.

However, one may perform the shrink process using native services but apart from time consumption, there are some other drawbacks also. While working with native services to shrink database, the administrator may face these issues:

  • He has to do it using command line tools and specify all the arguments manually or use object explorer in the SQL server management studio.
  • This consumes unnecessary time and makes the process complicated too.
  • To perform shrink operation, he will need to use multiple commands.

Lepide SQL Storage Manager offers following facilities to simplify the shrink operation:

Lepide SQL Storage Manager improves database performance by overcoming drawbacks of native tools:

  • Simply schedule shrink operation and get it done automatically.
  • Select and shrink complete Instance or selected Database, File Groups and Files.
  • Notification on completion of the scheduled Shrink database tasks indicating its status.


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