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Thousands of companies use Lepide to protect their data and detect threats

Thousands of companies use Lepide to protect their data and detect threats - image

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Self-Service Activities and Users' Accounts Status Reports

LADSS provides an extensive reporting platform which gives vivid details about every action performed with the software, user status in AD and enrollment status. Every report features a search section which allows you to look for specific details. Reports can be exported in CSV, PDF and HTML formats and saved at preferred location. The reports generated by LADSS can be broadly divided into following categories: General Reports, Audit Reports & Enrollment Reports

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General Reports

General reports provide the administrator with information such as how many users' accounts are locked out in the selected domain, passwords of how many users' are expired in the selected domain, and so on. To generate General Reports, you first need to select the domain for which you want to generate the report. The various reports under this section are listed below:

  • Locked Out Users: It provides details regarding those users whose account has got locked.
  • Soon-to-Expire Password Users: Details about those users whose account is likely to expire in coming days. The number of days for which details are required can be specified.
  • Password Expired Users: It provides details regarding those users whose password has already expired.
  • Disabled User Reporting: This report provides details of all disabled users in the domain.
Audit Reports - screenshot

Audit Reports

Even though LADSS allows end-users to perform self-password reset, self-account unlock, and self-information update; keeping an eye on who has performed which operation is must from the administrative and security point-of-view. The administrator must have updated information on the operations performed by various end-users using LADSS; therefore, Audit Reports are added in the software. Audit Reports in LADSS include:

  • Reset Password Audit Report: Provides list of the users' who have reset their password within the specified time.
  • Self Update Audit Report: Provides a list of the users who have updated their information in Windows Active Directory within the specified time.
  • Unlock Account Audit Report: Enlists the users' who have unlocked their locked out accounts within the time specified by the administrator while generating this report.
  • Change Password Audit Report: Provides a list of the users who have changed their password within the specified time.

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Vinicius Mozart Microsoft MVP

Lepide Active Directory Self Service is an effective solution to automate user account unlock and password reset activities. It is a must have tool for simplifying Active Directory self-service management.

Erik Blum Editor at

I am really impressed with Lepide Active Directory Self Service. Before review, I thought it might just be another expensive and complicated Self-Service Solution requiring manual installation. That couldn’t be further from the truth!

Paolo Valsecchi

The tool is very user friendly and easy to implement. Organizations with a high number of helpdesk tickets opened for password resets and locked account issues will benefit massively from using this solution.

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