Authorize co-workers to reset password/unlock account

Our Active Directory Self Service solution allows IT teams to provide a granular means of delegating specific Active Directory tasks such as account unlock and password reset to authorised co-workers. This provides the delegated user to carry out such tasks on behalf of other specified Active Directory users.

Key features

  • Delegate password reset capabilities
  • Delegate the unlocking of accounts

Vinicius Mozart
Microsoft MVP

"Lepide Active Directory Self Service is an effective solution to automate user account unlock and password reset activities. Multitude features, ease of execution and real-time security through OTP; makes it a must have tool for everyone who wants to simplify Active Directory self-service management."

Erik Blum
(Editor at

"I am really impressed with Active Directory Self Service from Lepide. Before review I thought that it’s another Self Service Solution which is complicated to use, requires installation manual and is very expensive."

Paolo Valsecchi

"The tool is very user friendly, ideal for corporate environment and easy to implement for the IT staff requiring minimal hardware resources to run. Organizations with a high number of helpdesk tickets opened for password reset and account locked issues will take a big benefit with this solution."

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