Authorize co-workers to reset password/unlock account

Lepide Active Directory Self Service software enables the employees to reset forgotten password or unlock account with the help of co-workers. This means if an employee forgets his password, he can request his trusted co-worker to get the job done. Furthermore, the process bypasses the need to take help from administrators but only an authorized employee will be able to reset password/unlock account of any other employee on request.

Enrolled LADSS users need to select the co-workers whom they wish to authorize for performing self-service tasks on their behalf.

What can co-workers do?

An authorized co-worker can choose from a list of users who have selected him/her as a trusted co-worker and they can perform the task on the user's behalf.
  • Unlock user accounts on their behalf
  • Reset password of users on their behalf

The most practical benefit of authorizing a co-worker is that users don't need to wait for assistance from helpdesk and if somehow the user has forgotten his/her security questions and answers, his/her account can be unlocked or password can be reset as authorized co-workers don't need to go through that step.

Benefits of authorizing co-workers:
  • Provides an added benefit in case the user is not in front of his/her system and his account gets locked or has forgotten password.
  • Helps to avoid raise IT tickets or call at helpdesk as the job can be done without requiring any system admin.
  • Co-workers can come handy at crunch situations when a user has forgotten his/her security questions and answers.
  • Can be used to reset password of service accounts which are directly not accessed by any particular user (a designated user can be authorized for managing all service accounts).
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