Active Directory Backup and Restore

Let the software create snapshots of the Active Directory so that you can restore the state of AD objects to the desired state. Simply browse the snapshots, identify the unwanted changes made in AD, and rollback them using Lepide Active Directory Object Restore Wizard. Get freedom from hours of fanatic efforts to find and reverse disastrous changes in Active Directory.

Why it is important to have use LAAD Snapshots for AD environment?

One wrong change in security group membership or accidental deletion of an OU can create havoc in any organization. Since all these changes are associated with Active Directory, the administrators must always stay attentive and watchful to critical changes. Any disastrous change often results in hours of and sometimes even days of stressful efforts from administrators. It is important to detect such changes and rollback them at the earliest. For this, the user need access to information like who, when, and where made the changes and what was the status of AD prior to these changes.

There should be a tool efficient enough to undo the unwanted changes in order to protect the Active Directory. It should reinstate the state of the impacted objects. LepideAuditor for Active Directory actually empowers you with this facility. This enables you to easily and quickly roll back unwanted changes made in AD to save time and improve overall efficiency.

Why AD native services are just not enough?

  • Extracting Who, What, When and Where information, which helps in identifying and rolling back a change, is difficult to achieve from complex AD Logs.
  • It takes a lot of time and effort to detect and then undo a change manually.

How lepideAuditor for Active Directory helps you to streamline AD control?

LAAD gives you the option to take periodic snapshots of an Active Directory environment. These snapshots help the administrator in easily identifying the changes made in Active Directory and facilitate him in easily reversing critical or all the changes made in AD. Thus, LAAD provides the administrator with a reliable option to recover AD objects and object attributes from Active Directory snapshots.

Restore from Tombstone

Those objects are referred as tombstone objects, which have been erased from the Active Directory environment. LepideAuditor for Active Directory also has a Snapshot-independent feature called “Restore from Tombstone”. Even if you’ve installed LepideAuditor for Active Directory for the very first time or the software doesn’t have any snapshot, still LAAD has the capability to restore the deleted objects.

Real-time Alerts

Configure automatic alerts to be sent out to the specified person as soon as any undesirable AD change occurs. Minimize detection time and avoid the need to go through AD security logs.

Restore State of AD Objects using Snapshots

Take regular snapshots; pick any snapshot to compare the current status with it and rollback undesirable changes selectively within minutes.

Benefits of LAAD Snapshots:

  • Have full control over your AD environment with the ability to rollback changes without using native tools.
  • Minimize the reaction time by quick reversal of unwanted changes.
  • Take regular snapshots and use them to restore the object state to any particular state in the past.
  • Protect AD objects against malicious changes and maintain stability in the AD environment.
  • Enjoy freedom from reliance on native Active Directory Recycle Bin.
  • Restore the AD objects from the tombstone mode even when no Snapshot by LAAD exists
  • Hands-on ability, to rollback changes, prevents unplanned outage and security breaches.

In addition to offering you unmatched ability to track each change made in AD with its Active Directory Tracking feature, LAAD also provides you unmatched power with its object state restoration feature. Effective monitoring of changes and quick restoration of services in AD is pivotal in minimizing end user disruption and providing them with best quality services.