LepideAuditor for SQL Server

SQL Server forms the core of any organization that holds a decent amount of data, be it internal or customer information. Due to this nature, the security of SQL Server and access permissions holds a very high position in the IT Admin's mind. Keeping an eye on the data and any undesired changes is very essential. Apart from this, stringent Industry and Government regulations require you to have your data archived, formatted and ready for Audits to ensure the security of consumer data.

This is where LepideAuditor for SQL Server comes in handy. Out of the box reports, simplified data presentation, Compliance specific reports, Alerts and Automation makes the tedious task of auditing a breeze.

Benefits of SQL Server Auditing Tool
  • Ensure security of your organization's sensitive data through constant audit of any changes and permissions.
  • Sustain compliance such as SOX, HIPAA, PCI and GLBA by demonstrating capability of internal control over SQL servers in the organization.
  • Save time and cost required for resources to collect bulk of log data from several SQL servers in the network and get required information.
  • Long term archiving of network-wide SQL server event logs in a central repository for forensic investigations.
What Our Client Says
  • " It was severely problematic for me to extract important organizational data from the corrupt Exchange server. I am grateful to the Lepide Exchange Recovery Manager which enabled me to get back my lost Exchange data. Thanks. John Dick
  • " We tried many times to extract OST file data that was out of order due to severe synchronization issues but I get failed every time. Finally, I utilized Lepide Exchange Manager that recovers my whole OST in the form of PST efficiently." Thanks to the Lepide Software. Daniel Payne
  • " I belong to a big organization and have suffered with many critical issues of Exchange server. I am heartily thankful to the Lepide Exchange Recovery Manager by using which I got rid of those Exchange problems. Thanks for developing such tool. Jerry Chef
  • " Great tool with many powerful features for resolving Exchange server errors in effortless manner. I extracted my whole critically endangered EDB files from corrupted Exchange database. Thanks Lepide Software.Louis Jackman
MVP Reviews
  • LepideAuditor for SQL Server is a utility for database administrator to help us cover effectively and with minimal effort structural changes of our instances and databases, helps us in special audits and traceability allows us to devote our time to those tasks where it is necessary to intervene quality, making us more productive. Alberto Lopez Grande
  • This tool has a simple installation. The three main features of this tool are Change Analysis, Scheduled Reports and Realtime Alerts. Users have the option of analyzing the changes server wise and the database as well. Real time alerts is a major feature with this auditing tool, since most of the auditing tool only provides simple auditing. Dinesh Asanka
  • This tool is very simple to use but really powerful by the level of driving record to audit database systems hosted in SQL. Honestly I recommend it and hope you like it and find it useful as much as me. Daniel Calbimonte
Key features
  • Find the four Ws - Who, What, When and Where of all SQL server changes. Gives SQL statement related to each change.
  • Dashboard to give graphical overview of important changes and an overview of audited objects.
  • Audit all SQL servers in the network from a single centralized platform.
  • Track only the required Objects, Operations and Users.
  • Excellent Data filter options to further drill down to the last needed detail.
  • Long-term archiving options as per various Compliance standards(GLBA, SOX, PCI, and HIPAA).
  • Compliance specific reports to answer audit questions as they are asked.
  • Real-time alerts on all critical changes.
  • Automated report generation and delivery to intended recipients.
  • Export and Email reports in various formats.
Try Before You Buy

LepideAuditor for SQL Server is available for free trial download. The evaluation version is fully functional and provides the user with a fair idea about the capability and accuracy of the software. The free version works just like the full version but monitors only two SQL servers in the network for a trial period of 15 days. In order to perform audit and reporting functions after the trial period, user needs to purchase the Full version of LepideAuditor for SQL server, which is available at an affordable price and can monitor any number of SQL servers in the network.

Software Awards
  • Award by MSExchange.org Gold Award

    LepideAuditor for Exchange Server has won silver award from Msexchange.org after an in-depth review by Steve Goodman, an Exchange MVP and Author. The award establishes Lepide Software supremacy in the realm of Exchange Server solution and its applicability effectiveness in real and world scenario.