Calculate your financial risk of a data breach and your potential savings with Lepide

Data breaches in today’s world are an inevitability. It’s not a matter of if, but when. The Lepide ROI calculator will help determine the potential cost of a breach in your company, and show the potential returns you could get with an investment in Lepide. Prove to the board that an investment in Lepide is a financial no brainer.


What vertical is your company in?

How many employees does your company have?

Do you undertake regular security awareness training?

Does your company make use of data security solutions?

Does your company make use of encryption technology?

Does your company have a dedicated incident response team?

Do you store data in File Server?

Do you store data in Databases?

Do you store data in the Cloud?

Your Return on Investment in Lepide

Your financial exposure without Lepide: $
Your current financial risk should a breach occur: $
Your current chances of a data breach:
By using Lepide, you can reduce your risk by:
Your return on investment with Lepide: $

* This is based on an average of 30% risk reduction when using Lepide, which is what we currently see with our customers.

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