Free Data Risk Assessment

Our free professional risk assessment reports are designed to help you identify and plug the gaps in your data security, including potential data breaches, insider threats, ransomware attacks, non-compliance and more.

Join hundreds of other companies who benefited from our data risk assessment.


What Our Data Risk Assessment Involves

Our risk assessment process is completely free and turnkey, so you can just sit back and relax as our engineers do all the heavy lifting. As part of our risk assessment process, we will assess the following key areas of your data security:

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Analyze Current Permissions and Permission Changes

We will determine how many of your users currently have privileged access and the number of permission changes you are seeing so that you can spot over privileged users and prevent privilege abuse.

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Assessment of Changes Being Made to Your Data

We will see whether your users are behaving in a “normal” way when it comes to your data and determine how many anomalies are happening. Spot the signs of a data breach in progress.

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Overview of Your Environment States and Changes

We can show you whether your environment is posing a risk to your data. Our report will show you how many open shares, stale users and data you have that can be cleaned up to improve security.

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Our Recommendations for Risk Remediation

We break down the risk you are currently facing in terms of priority and give you actionable steps towards improving the security of your data. This is the most important page in the report!

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Assess Your Security Vulnerabilities and Get Guidance on How to Improve

Our completely free, turnkey risk assessment process produces a custom report from a view of your environment that will give you actional steps to help reduce the risk to your data and systems.

You can use this report to plan how you are going to improve your security controls, get approval from leadership to deploy a security solution and map out how to become compliant.

There is no need for you to spend weeks collecting the required data when we can do it all quickly and for free.

View a Sample Data Risk Assessment Here

Most Companies That Take Our Risk Assessment Spot Threats To Their Data Security

The potential damage that a breach could cause to both the reputation and bottom line of your business is too big to be ignored. If a free report can help you reduce the risk of this happening, then what’s the harm?

The vast majority of insider threats go unnoticed for extended periods of time. Would you be able to tell right this moment if you were likely experiencing an insider threat or other form of attack?

The free risk assessment essentially turns on the lights to show you exactly what’s happening in your environment and what you can do to mitigate risk.

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Of Those Surveyed Discovered an Active Risk to Their Data
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Of Those Surveyed Said They Would Recommend the Risk Assessment
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Lepide’s Risk Assessment Report gave me a really clear picture of where we were struggling and offered practical, realistic advice for how we could improve our data security. Thoroughly recommend it.

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