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Account lockout is quite usual phenomenon at workplaces and administrators are supposed to address these issues without any delay. It takes about 30% of practice time for the IT professionals to address account lockouts affecting their productivity. IT support staff is overburdened with several other crucial tasks which includes keeping a check on security of data, user information etc, and spending time on performing account unlocks; all this makes them lagging behind. Lepide Active Directory Self Service is a web-based policy-driven solution which enables a user to unlock account on behalf of a co-worker from a remote machine in Network.

Administrator can configure this feature, by allowing the domain users to unlock accounts on behalf of their co-worker. Now, to perform account unlock from the machine of co-worker, user needs to authorize the co-worker. Account-unlock on behalf of co-worker will save the user from waiting and frustration so caused thereby helping them initiate their work on time.

Saving helpdesk costs

To meet the increased tickets raised for account unlocks, organization often hire more support professionals. Intervention of support staff causes unusual delays as well as makes highly qualified technicians to pay extra time on mundane tasks. However, Lepide Active Directory Self Service help minimizing the burden on administrator, as the users themselves perform account unlock from remote machine.

Increased security while account unlocks

Lepide Active Directory Self Service enables account unlocks on behalf of co-worker, but at the same time, the application ensures security. A co-worker can only unlock the account but will not be able to access the user data, until or unless he knows the password of co-worker's machine.

Improving productivity

The exaggerated process of account unlock starts with user raising ticket, then manager transferring it to helpdesk and finally the helpdesk support people looking for possible solution. All this is cut-short with Lepide Active Directory Self Service where this application enables user to perform account unlocks either by themselves or taking help of a co-worker. Thereby, saves a lot of time, which results in increased productivity of domain users as well as IT support staff.

Decreased number of tickets

This web-based self service application reduces the number of tickets raised for account unlock to a significant amount as the users manage the account lockouts and password reset issues themselves.

Just Two Steps to Authorize Co-Workers for Account Unlock
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