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Account lockouts are one of the common problems that IT administrators have to deal with. As common as it may sound, the total loss of productivity in the organization due to account lockouts of all employees is a big issue, only if you can quantify it in monetary terms. Employees logging on to the system find that their account has been locked and all that they can do is find … Read more

Article Author : Dinesh Asanka (MVP – SQL Server) SQL Server Management Studio (SSSM) is an essential tool for DBAs and developers. But are you using it effectively? In this article, I will try examine a few tips and techniques which could well boost your efficiency using SSMS. Object Filtering :The below screen is probably familiar to most DBAs – it lists all tables under a database. If you want … Read more

In the fast-paced frenzy world, who has the time to stop and look back? I do not, and I am pretty sure if you are like me then we have same echo of emotions! However, this fact that we, the people of 21st century, IT professionals and Wi-Fi crazy heads love to run and stay on our toes. This eventually creates health issues later in life. We want to think … Read more

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