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PowerShell was developed so that IT operations and administrative tasks in operating systems like Active Directory could be simplified and automated to save huge amounts of time and effort. PowerShell is able to integrate with services and applications to help administrators get complete control over the management of both clients and servers. With every new update of the underlying framework, PowerShell becomes more advanced, and more features become available. 10 … Read more

In simple terms, a network device is a physical device that is used to connect other physical devices on a network. In some cases, their role is to simply forward packets of information to a destination. In other cases, it might be to serve as a translator or to block suspicious network traffic. Common Types of Network Devices The most common types of network devices include hubs, switches, routers, bridges, … Read more

There are many cybersecurity jobs that require more than just a university degree. Many employers are looking for a specific set of skills, and at least some degree of hands-on experience. Below are some of the most recognized cybersecurity certifications that will put you in a better position to either land your first job, or take your career to the next level. Top 10 Cybersecurity Certifications Certified Information Systems Security … Read more

A data steward is an individual appointed by an organization, whose role is to ensure that any data they collect and store meets certain standards in terms of its quality and relevancy and to ensure that they have the necessary policies in place to keep it secure and accessible. This includes establishing agreed-upon data definitions and data quality rules and ensuring that all employees and relevant stakeholders adhere to those … Read more

A business glossary is essentially a list of terms used by a business, including their definitions, and any other relevant information. The purpose of a business glossary is to create a standardized, unambiguous vocabulary used by all members of an organization. To illustrate why this is important, consider the term “customer”. This could refer to either an individual or an organization, which might result in miscommunications, skew business logic and … Read more

Digital media assets such as documents, images, videos, software are valuable content whose loss or unauthorized use could cause significant loss to the owners and copyright holders. Therefore, they require protection from people who may want to exploit them for their gain. This is often a challenge due to the digital nature of storage and delivery of these assets. This is where digital rights management or DRM comes in. Digital … Read more