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If there’s anything positive we can take from the ongoing health crisis, it’s that the traditional “9 to 5” office-based working environment has been disrupted, and, to some extent, replaced with a more flexible and remote model. Of course, this paradigm shift was inevitable, but there’s no harm in accelerating the process. According to the following blog post, 31% of employees want a more flexible approach to work. Given that … Read more

  An information security policy (ISP) is arguably the most important cybersecurity policy an organization can have. Essentially, an ISP defines the protocols and procedures for identifying, evaluating, mitigating, and recovering from security threats. An ISP is data-centric, in that its main objective is to protect data confidentiality, integrity, and availability (known as the CIA triad). An ISP will cover a broad range of areas including access control, data classification, … Read more

  Being a security solutions provider, we get into a lot of conversations about specific security strategies, some of which we help with and some we don’t. Many security teams start off their search for data security solutions with something specific in mind, like a privileged access management solution, for example. Occasionally, when we get down into the nitty-gritty conversations with these teams, we find that the problems they are … Read more

  Data Sprawl happens when enterprises collect, process, and store vast amounts of data, and it’s becoming increasingly harder for them to keep track of what data they have, where it is located and who has access to it. What is Data Sprawl? Our data (both structured and unstructured) is consumed by a wide range of applications and operating systems and stored on a variety of endpoints and servers. Our … Read more

When we look at the schedules of the CISOs we consult with, we’re almost always faced with an impossibly large list of tasks (all of which are urgent!). CISOs are typically inundated with tasks and a lot of their time is spent translating things to the rest of the business. It’s a critical communications role within a business, so efficiency is key. We spoke with Vladi Sandler, CEO at Lightspin, … Read more

In the digital age, we use passwords for many things, including email accounts, desktops and mobile devices, social media platforms, retail platforms, healthcare portals, and a lot more. Trying to remember which passwords we used for which accounts can be overwhelming. It’s not hard to understand why people are tempted to use simple passwords, and also use the same passwords for multiple accounts. But as we all know, this is … Read more

Before we start, I would like to point out that the title “Office 365 Groups vs Teams” is slightly misleading. The reason is that Office 365 groups and Microsoft Teams are not in competition with each other. In fact, they can actually complement each other, providing we have a basic understanding of how they work together. It’s worth remembering that, whenever a new Team is created, an associated Office 365 … Read more

Launched in the United States in 2006, Amazon Simple Storage Service (S3) is a public cloud storage platform that is highly scalable, fast, reliable, and inexpensive. The platform boasts 99.999999999% durability and between 99.95% to 99.99% availability. What Are Amazon S3 Buckets? Amazon S3 buckets are a part of Amazon Web Services (AWS) and come with a user interface that enables users to store and retrieve data from anywhere on … Read more

Microsoft Office 365 and G suite are both popular cloud-based storage and collaboration platforms that are used by many companies across the globe. They both come with a suite of applications for word processing, spreadsheets, emails, calendars, instant messaging, and videoconferencing NOTE: On October 6, 2020, G Suite changed its name to Google Workspace, and Google has also made a number of important changes to their platform, including better integration … Read more

Over the last few years, the growth in Internet of Things (IoT) connected devices has increased exponentially, transforming how enterprises and small businesses collect, store, process and manage data. The growth in IoT connected devices presents a lot of exciting opportunities for innovation and improvements in the way we get insights into customer behavior, business processes, operational costs and more. As IoT connected devices increase in number, so to do … Read more