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Android is the most widely used Operating Systems for smart devices like smartphones and tablets. Its popularity and usage to browse the World Wide Web had already surpassed that of Windows devices and computers. Seeking their popularity the IT professionals are already using the third party apps for connecting with their File Servers, taking remotes of their machines, and managing their servers. These apps are serving their purpose for which … Read more

Article Author: Peter Gubarevich (MVP – Enterprise Security), Certified Ethical Hacker Everything was just fine until yesterday. Usually, I’m managing local group membership using Active Directory Group Policies, either Restricted Groups node, or GP Preferences node. It’s quite questionable which node to choose, but anyway, Group Policy makes it easy to perform updates and enforce membership throughout a domain, and exactly fits my requirements. However, there’s another side of the … Read more

There is no iota of doubt that Windows PowerShell gives more control than the traditional Windows tools to manage the Active Directory. This fact inspires the Administrators to stick with command line tool instead of using the Active Directory Users and Computers. Let us have a look at AD user management through Windows PowerShell. Here, we’ll learn how to create and remove the users using the PowerShell CMDlets. Creating a … Read more

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