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Exchange designing is complex and involves innumerable analysis and calculation. These analyses and calculations are driven by various business and technical requirements, which should to be thoroughly understood, documented and agreed upon. Since, it involves too many calculations and considerations, we tend to miss out or overlook many things. Given below are some common mistakes that Exchange engineers tend to make while designing and deploying Exchange 2013. Understanding Current Environment: … Read more

Exchange Restore is one of the most common requirements for an Exchange admin on a daily basis and Disaster Recovery is the nightmare which no Exchange admin would want to face. Exchange Backup Restore: Traditional backup restoration is a tedious and time consuming process. It includes the steps like restoring the database, soft recovery, creating recovery storage and exporting the emails. Exchange has no graphical interface and it does not … Read more

The purpose of this post is to define the process to audit the successful or failed logon and logoff attempts in the network using the audit policies. “Audit Logon Events” and “Audit Account Logon Events”, meant for monitoring the logon/logoff events, are disabled by default. It is required to enable these policies manually. Before going to learn how to enable these policies, it is important to know in brief about … Read more

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