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When it comes to migrating mailboxes from one exchange server to another exchange server, people often get confused between different migration methods available. They either copy mailbox contents from the source exchange to the target exchange server or they simply move entire mailboxes from the source to the destination. Before putting yourself into the move and copy dilemma, it’s better to consider the pros and cons associated with both. A … Read more

  Active Directory is the backbone of an enterprise IT infrastructure. Organizations are ready to invest heavily on its security but administrators can ensure the security of Active Directory simply by following some best practices. Here are some tips that can help you: 1. Follow a lean model for AD administration Too many cooks spoil the broth. This is especially true in the case of AD administration so you should … Read more

Inactive accounts in the Active Directory should strike fear in the hearts of IT admins. They may appear harmless as they lay dormant, unused and inactive, but they are an open invitation for anyone looking to compromise an organization’s security. Why do inactive accounts matter—aren’t they harmless? Inactive accounts may appear docile but they can cause fatal damages to an organization, especially when they are not disabled or when they … Read more

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