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Step 1 – Open the Exchange Admin Center To do this, enter the URL of your mailbox server in the URL bar to go to the login page. Step 2 – Login using your username and password Enter the username in the format Domain\user name (For e.g. if your domain is and username is XYZ, you must write abc\XYZ) and then type your password. Step 3 – Specify users … Read more

This is the second part of a series of blogs detailing how to migrate from Exchange Server 2013 to 2016. In part one, we discussed system requirements, prepared the environment for installation and installed Exchange 2016 into the existing Exchange 2013 environment. We also looked at configuring the Service Connection Point (SCP). In this part, we will discuss installing the correct SSL certificate on Exchange 2016 and briefly talk about … Read more

Microsoft recently launched the new beta version of the Exchange 2016 messaging platform – packed with exclusive features and enhancements to help improve the platform. Here we will take you through what’s new about Exchange 2016 and compare it to the commonly used Exchange 2013. 1. Redesigned Exchange 2016 vs Exchange 2013 Architecture The Exchange 2016 architecture has been redesigned in order to ensure efficient hardware utilization, failure isolation and … Read more

What was born on the cloud is now descending to your premises! With the release of Exchange 2016, Microsoft is making a bunch of new features whose radiance we have glimpsed in Exchange Online as a part of Office 365 available for on-premises deployment. These features, having powered millions of mailboxes and public folders in the Cloud environment and having gone through trials and testing in the hands of users … Read more

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