Top 10 Audit Reports for IT Teams

Aidan Simister
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In this blog I will discuss some of the common problems facing IT teams today and how 10 of the most useful reports in Lepide Data Security Platform can help you overcome them. Lepide Data Security Platform is a simple, cost-effective and scalable solution to auditing Active Directory, Group Policy, Exchange Server, SharePoint, SQL Server, and File Server. It also allows you to manage User Password Expiration Reminders, clean-up Active Directory and perform Permission Analysis. It provides a wide range of predefined Audit and Compliance Reports divided into the following categories:

  • Audit Reports for – SQL Server, SharePoint Server, Active Directory, Group Policy Objects, Exchange Server, File Servers, All Environment Changes and Console Auditing
  • Compliance Reports for – FISMA, GLBA, HIPAA, PCI, SAS and SOX

In this section we will take you through 10 of the most useful reports that could help you streamline your IT environment.

Top 10 IT Audit Reports

1. User Status Reports

A common challenge for IT teams is keeping track of user account modifications and statuses. Lepide Data Security Platform provides detailed reports about users with modified status; such as enabled, disabled, locked, or unlocked.

2. Logon/Logoff Reports

Keeping track of user account activity – such as successful and failed logon attempts – is important for IT teams. This report provides detailed information on computer and Domain Controllers activity and has the following information:

Reports Description
Successful User Logon/Logoff It shows all direct logon and logoff attempts performed on all computers in a domain.
Failed Logon It shows all failed logon attempts occurring within the domain.
Domain Controller Logon/Logoff It shows all logon/logoff activities performed by users on the domain controllers.
User Logged on Multiple Computers It shows the list of users logged on at more than one computer.

3. Security Group Modifications

IT teams need to know if a rogue user makes modifications to the security groups. This report keeps you aware of all these modifications to bolster your security.

4. All Permissions to an Object

One challenge facing IT teams today is being able to audit and monitor who has which permissions to a certain object. This is important to make sure that users only have access to objects that they are permitted to. This report will allow you to view all current permissions associated to an object.

5. Permission Comparison of an Object

It is important to know who has what permissions at any one time but sometimes you will need to know what permissions have changed. This report shows the comparison of permissions of an object between two specified dates.

6. File/Folder Permissions Modified

When a file or folder permission gets modified it is imperative that you are made aware as quickly as possible. This report gives you complete visibility of when changes to file/folder permissions are made and who made them.

7. Users with soon to expire passwords

Keeping track of user accounts can be laborious and time-consuming. This report helps you easily identify those users with passwords soon to expire.

8. Inactive Accounts

It is very important for IT teams to keep track of active users and computers – and this can be very difficult. When employees leave the business and their accounts/computers become inactive, this report enables you to see them.

9. File Copied

Keeping track of when files are copied is essential to prevent data leakage and security breaches. This report gives you a simple means of seeing when files and folders are being copied.

10. Mailbox Accessed by Non-Owner

If your mailbox is accessed by a non-user this report will provides you with detailed information about what exactly is happening.


Lepide Data Security Platform offers over 300 reports – including those mentioned in this article – to help with security systems management and compliance. They are designed to simplify important tasks that IT teams are under pressure to perform.

Aidan Simister

Aidan Simister

Having worked in the IT industry for a little over 22 years in various capacities, Aidan is a veteran in the field. Specifically, Aidan knows how to build global teams for security and compliance vendors, often from a standing start. After joining Lepide in 2015, Aidan has helped contribute to the accelerated growth in the US and European markets.

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