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Detect and Prevent
Privilege Abuse

Privilege abuse is a serious security threat that needs to be contained at the earliest opportunity. Change auditing must be a part of your definitive plan to mitigate this risk.


A Solution to Avoid Privilege Abuse

When a user, either intentionally or accidentally, misuses legitimate privileges they have been granted it is known as privilege abuse. Despite these privileges being legitimately granted, they may access resources or perform actions that compromise enterprise security. Whether privilege abuse occurs through rogue admins purposefully mishandling data, or through employee carelessness, it is a security threat that you should take seriously. Lepide Data Security Platform helps you detect and prevent privilege abuse through in-depth auditing of changes taking place critical servers and data.

Identify Excessive Permissions

Generate a report on all users with excessive permissions so that you can begin to reduce risk.

Track Permission Changes

Get notifications when permissions to your sensitive data change, as this could create users with excessive permissions.

Monitor and Respond

Monitor user behavior with your sensitive data and roll back unwanted changes to mitigate the damages of privilege abuse.

Detect and Prevent and Respond to Privilege Abuse

Lepide helps give you the visibility that you need to detect and react to permissions changes that could lead to privilege abuse. With Lepide, you can identify your privileged users and continuously track permission changes to respond to unwanted changes faster.

Detect Privilege Abuse

Through anomaly spotting and threshold alerting you can detect suspicious change activity that could be indicative of privilege abuse. Analyze the behavior of your users and be notified about any anomalies that could threaten your data security.

Prevent Privilege Abuse

Ensure you are operating on a policy of least privilege by monitoring changes to permissions and reversing unwanted changes. Doing this will ensure that your potential attack surface is greatly reduced.

React to the Signs of Privilege Abuse

Use our automated threat response feature to take action when the signs of privilege abuse manifest themselves in your environment. Identify the user and restrict their access automatically.

How Lepide Helps with Detect and Prevent Privilege Abuse
Protect Core Systems – On-Premise and in the Cloud

You can also integrate with any of your favorite apps or SIEM solutions for even wider coverage.

Ready to Detect and Prevent Privilege Abuse?

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