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Detection and Prevention

Ransomware is a serious threat to the security of the IT environment. Ransomware can be easily detected and prevented through a combination of stringent audit policies and employee vigilance.


Detect Ransomware in Your Core IT Systems

The only way to truly defend against ransomware is to keep software up-to-date, take regular backups, secure your network with an endpoint security solution and audit your IT environment. Here at Lepide, our focus is on providing you visibility over what’s happening with your data. Through visibility, you can speed up the detection of potential ransomware and automate your response. Detect and react quicker to ransomware using Lepide.

Detect Suspicious Changes

Get real time alerts for suspicious changes being made that could indicate a ransomware attack in progress.

Reverse Unwanted Changes

Find out who has access to your data and how it was granted, so that you can ensure proper data access governance.

Automate Response

Upon detection of unwanted changes, execute automated scripts to take appropriate remediation action.

Detect and Prevent and Respond to Ransomware

Lepide helps give you the visibility that you need to detect and react to ransomware threats. With Lepide Data Security Platform, you can automate your response through script execution, so that you can address ransomware threats faster.

Detect Ransomware in Progress

Through anomaly spotting and threshold alerting you can detect suspicious change activity that could be indicative of a ransomware attack in progress. Detect sudden permission changes of files or users that could be a symptom of the attack.

Prevent Ransomware from Spreading

Streamline your security operations by providing the visibility over ransomware attacks. Integrate with SIEM to add full context to changes being made. Automate script execution upon the discovery of a ransomware attack in motion to automatically shut down the threat before it causes more harm.

Respond Quickly to Insider Threats

Use Lepide Data Security Platform to restore the state of Active Directory and Group Policy Objects to a previously dated snapshot. With this method, you can reverse all unwanted changes within minutes.

Protect Core Systems – On-Premise and in the Cloud

You can also integrate with any of your favorite apps or SIEM solutions for even wider coverage.

Ready to Detect and Prevent Ransomware?

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