Improve the security of your unstructured data by understanding how much of your data is stale and how many open shares there are on each File Server.

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Open Shares and Stale Data Free Tool

Understanding and securing your organizations unstructured data can become difficult and overwhelming without an appropriate data centric and audit protection strategy in place. One of the first challenges many organizations face is understanding how much of their unstructured data is still being accessed and if it is safe to archive this data without disrupting business continuity. Lepide’s Open Shares and Stale Data freeware gives you an overview as to how much data (number of stale files / total size of stale data) within your organization is actually deemed as stale (based upon a variable timeframe you can specify). It also helps you to understand how many open shares there are on each file server which in turn could highlight some fundamental security loopholes where sensitive data could be being overly exposed to individuals who do not require access to the data

Quickly Scan Shares

With a simple click of a button, you can scan all the shares on your Windows File Servers.

View All Stale Objects

Get a report on the number of stale objects in your environment so that you take action to improve security.

See the Size of Stale Objects

Quickly identify if you have a problem with stale objects by viewing both the total number and the size.

See All Open Shares

Open shares present a security risk to your data. Easily identify how many open shares you have in your environment.

Easily Exportable Reports

Help prove compliance and speed up reporting on open shares/stale data with easily exportable, pre-defined reports.

Free Forever

All of our award-winning freeware tools are provided completely free of charge forever.

Reduce the Time it Takes to Report on Open Shares and Stale Data

Get insightful reports on the state of your open shares and stale data with our easy-to-use free tool. You might be surprised by the sheer number and size of your stale objects and open shares. Identify potential security issues and take steps to remediate them.

All the free tools from Lepide do exactly what they say on the tin. Get real information about critical security issues in your system and with your data. Thoroughly recommend them.