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Active Directory Permission Auditing

Delegating privileges to users in an Active Directory environment is not a particularly difficult task. However, auditing permissions and comparing permission changes is much harder to do, as it involves dealing with complex PowerShell Scripts to generate reports. In many organizations, continuously auditing changing permissions is necessary to determine which users have which levels of permissions. LepideAuditor for Active Directory simplifies these tasks and gives you a much easier way to track permissions in Active Directory.

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How We Help in Auditing Active Directory Permission Changes

View All Permissions to an Object

The solution displays all permissions to a particular object. You can generate specific reports to keep you informed of these permissions and give you complete visibility into Object Permissions in your environment.

Compare Active Directory Object Permissions

In a rapidly growing IT environment, permission changes occur frequently, which can make it difficult to compare the permission states of a specific object over a specific time. In-depth Permission Comparison reports are the best way to determine which changes have been made to the permissions of Active Directory Objects. LepideAuditor enables you to compare the permissions of an object between two dates.

Report on Object Permissions

IT Administrators may occasionally need to quickly determine all permissions to a particular object. Complex PowerShell Scripts are a time consuming and difficult method for obtaining this data. LepideAuditor provides you with a dedicated report for Object Permissions and lets you audit the effective permissions held by any object in your Active Directory environment.

Audit Active Directory Permissions Modifications

Changes in permissions must be audited, but in the absence of an automated solution, you may face issues when collecting relevant records and generating reports on permission changes. LepideAuditor allows you to audit all modifications made to permissions automatically through pre-set reports. You can also configure to send alerts whenever changes are made to permissions. These alerts can be delivered via email, via an update in LiveFeed widget of Radar Tab, or via a push-notification to LepideAuditor App.

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