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Microsoft’s Azure Active Directory is a cloud-based directory and identity management service that could operate as the heart of cloud-operations. For that reason, being able to get insight into configuration changes is an essential part of maintaining the overall security of your IT environment. This is where LepideAuditor comes in. We offer a simple solution that can track configuration changes, monitor privileged users/groups and provide a full audit trail of every user authentication.

Monitor Privileged Users and Groups

Meet Compliance with User Authentication

Monitor Configuration Changes

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Privileged User/Group Monitoring

Understanding how and when users are being added to the privileged security groups in Azure AD will ensure you have the insight you need into who has access to your most critical applications and data should they be in the cloud or on premise.

User Authentication for Compliance

Meet compliance requirements and enable the appropriate security controls surrounding your critical systems and data by having a full audit trail of every user authentication. By understanding when, how and where users are logging on from will give you the visibility you need to maintain security and meet compliance demands.

Configuration Auditing

Monitor all configuration changes made in Azure AD to ensure the appropriate change processes are being followed. Ensure complete accountability through visibility is available to catch any unauthorised changes or changes that may have an impact on access to other critical applications, systems or data within your business.

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