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Improve the security of Dropbox Business by getting real insight into changes made to sensitive files, shares and groups.

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Improve Dropbox Security with LepideAuditor

Dropbox Business is a file hosting service that encourages collaboration through content creation, access and sharing. As millions of users share business-related content through Dropbox Business, it is important that you are constantly monitoring any changes that are taking place to file, folders and permissions, as well as getting insight into when sensitive data is shared. This is exactly what LepideAuditor enables you to do. Advanced filters and pre-set reports give you all the tools you need to improve the security of Dropbox.

Track Changes to Files and Folders

Get Insight into Dropbox Link Sharing

Monitor Permissions to Critical Data

Over 5,000 Organizations Use LepideAuditor to Protect Their Businesses Against Data Breaches

How We Help to Audit Dropbox Changes

Track Changes to Files and Folders

With easy to configure reporting in LepideAuditor you can easily ascertain all user activity around the files being shared through Dropbox. With visibility around Files being deleted, added, renamed moved or even copied, you have complete audit trail of how your business users are interacting with your company’s data.

Get Insights into Dropbox Link Sharing

Having a record and insight into how and when your business data is being shared is critical in identifying the early warning signs of a potential data breach on the horizon. With the consolidated view and powerful filtering options provided in LepideAuditor, you can quickly get a consolidated view of all activity around Dropbox link sharing, who shared the links and when.

Monitor Permissions to Critical Data

Understanding who has access to the data as well as who has elevated privileges to make changes to the groups surrounding the data is critical as part of a set of stringent security controls surrounding your potentially sensitive data. Understanding how groups are modified, if members are added to groups as well as if team members are added or removed is paramount in ensuring the right permissions and access levels are set across the content shared through Dropbox.

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