File Server Change Tracking

Electronic data is easier to manage than physical data, but in some ways, it is more vulnerable. Using LepideAuditor for File Server, you can not only deal with insider threats, but also address common regulatory compliance requirements. Our Solution gives organizations full visibility over the changes made to their Windows File Servers and NetApp Filers. IT Administrators can audit changes in File Server to get answers to common auditing questions (who, what, where and when). They can easily track and compare files and folders permissions on file servers.

Over 5,000 Organizations Use LepideAuditor to Protect Their Businesses Against Data Breaches

How We Track File Server Changes

Tracks All Changes Made to Files and Folders

  • File or Folder Created
  • File or Folder Renamed
  • File or Folder Modified
  • File or Folder Moved
  • File or Folder Deleted
  • File or Folder Copied

A single-line record of the change is shown in the reports. Just by looking at a record you will understand who made what change, where and when. We also give the details such as time, drive, folder name, file name, process and event details. Delegate the rights to selected users to view the selected reports in a Web-based secured console. You can also schedule it for auto delivery in CSV, PDF, or MHT format through your email or by saving at the shared location.

Real-time Alerts for the Critical Changes

Lepide File Server Auditor delivers real-time alerts for more proactive and accurate reporting. These are delivered whenever any critical change in the files or folders is detected. You can improve the alerting mechanism with advanced filtration and threshold limits. These can be accompanied by your customized scripts that will automatically perform any action; including disabling a user account or removing the permissions of a user.

Granular Change Reporting

All changes to files and folders are recorded in a SQL Server database and displayed in predefined audit reports, which can be customized with filtration, search, sorting, grouping by and other options. These reports can be saved manually and scheduled to be delivered through email or via saving at any location at periodic intervals. You can create a customized version of any modification report to focus only on specific files, folders or operations. These reports can also be delegated to be accessed by users through a secured Web-based console.

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