Lepide Announces Strategic Partnership with Atakama to Further Secure Sensitive Data

Lepide and Atakama are pleased to announce that they have entered into a global strategic partnership, combining Lepide’s disruptive, scalable, enterprise Data Security Platform with Atakama’s unparalleled protection capabilities for sensitive information.

With the increasing prevalence of insider threats and data breaches involving sensitive data, Lepide recognized the need to expand their data security offering, beyond threat detection and response, and integrate another layer of security through multi-factor encryption.

By seamlessly integrating with Atakama, Lepide are helping organizations stay ahead of shifts in the modern threat landscape – delivering solutions that focus directly on the data without reliance on an increasingly porous perimeter.

With the Lepide Data Security Platform and Atakama together, security teams will now be able to effectively identify where their sensitive data is located across their hybrid environment, classify it, govern access to it, analyze user behavior with it, and secure it with AES 256-bit encryption.

About Atakama

Atakama Inc. is an information security software company that provides a zero-trust filesystem for enterprises. By using Atakama, enterprises prevent data exfiltration, enhance regulatory compliance, secure sensitive information and enable the cornerstone of a full-fledged zero trust infrastructure.