Lepide Data Security Platform Version 23.1 Sees the Web Console Move Out of Beta

Austin, 10th October – Lepide, a leading provider of data security solutions, is proud to announce the release of Version 23.1 of its comprehensive Lepide Data Security Platform (LDSP). This latest release marks a significant milestone as the web console moves out of beta phase, bringing enhanced functionality and stability to users.

The Lepide Data Security Platform (LDSP) has been a trusted solution for organizations seeking robust data security and compliance capabilities. The introduction of a full web console in Version 23.1 further solidifies LDSP’s position as a user-friendly and powerful tool for protecting sensitive data and ensuring compliance with regulatory requirements.

In the web console version of Lepide 23.1, users will now have access to:

  1. Full index-based eDiscovery: This release includes Index based searching to speed up DSAR request searching. Once all data is indexed, it will display results more quickly than before allowing customers to process many DSAR requests over a short time frame.
  2. All pre-defined reports from the main console: In the beta version, some of the pre-defined reports were omitted. In 23.1, a total of 236 pre-defined reports have been built into the main console to help customers get the same level of functionality from the web console that they would from the on-premise platform.
  3. Permissions reporting: The web console now includes the following permissions reports:
    • Open Shares
    • Permissions By Mailbox
    • Permissions By SharePoint Object
    • Permissions By OneDrive Object
    • Permissions By User
    • Excessive Permissions by User
    • Permissions By object
    • Excessive Permissions by object
    • Anomaly Analysis
    • Alert Summary
    • External Data Sharing O365
    • All Shares
  4. A host of other performance enhancements and improvements.

“The release of our full web console in Version 23.1 is a pivotal moment for Lepide and our customers,” says Phil Robinson, Chief Marketing Officer at Lepide. “This upgrade ensures a smoother and more efficient user experience, allowing our customers to effortlessly manage their security landscape. The enhanced interface and navigation will empower users to make informed decisions swiftly, ultimately bolstering their ability to protect sensitive data and maintain regulatory compliance. We believe this improvement will significantly elevate our customers’ confidence in our platform and enable them to take their data security strategies to the next level.”

Version 23.1 of the Lepide Data Security Platform also brings some new features to the on-premises platform, including, but not limited to, permissions analysis for SharePoint Online, auditing for Azure file storage (provided it is accompanied with an on-premises file server), improvements in data retention/archiving, and non-owner mailbox auditing for Exchange Server 2019.

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About Lepide: Lepide is a global provider of data security solutions. We help some of the world’s largest enterprises improve data protection, meet compliance and detect/react to threats through our Data Security Platform.