Lepide Software launched LepideAuditor for File Server

calendarJanuary 10, 2013, user New Launch

Lepide Software announces the release of LepideAuditor for File Server- a cutting edge solution to track and report changes made in network-wide available File Servers, so as to prevent sensitive business data from unauthorized access. LepideAuditor for File Server keeps a close watch at changes made to files servers and reports changes with who made what changes in which file, folder, share or permissions and from where (workstation) details. Software also generates instant alerts on critical changes made in files, folders, shares and permissions and thus prevents deceitful activities. LepideAuditor for File Server helps to perform requirement-centric audit by providing the facility to collect and store events according to configured audit policies. With launch of LepideAuditor for File Server, organization will definitely be able to keep their sensitive business data secure and avoid legal hassles and heavy penalties caused due to compliance violation.